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After all... Komi-san is pretty, stylish, has a good personality but for some reasons, it doesn't make you envy her. Yes, she is an entity that brings me happiness. That such a lowly scum like Tadano-kun is so close to an amazing entity like you is strange isn't it? You're thinking the same right Komi-san? Wouldn't it be pleasant to have more popular friends? That's why you wouldn't need Tadano-kun anymore. That's why you need me. I did my best so that everyone like me, to become friends with Komi-san, right? Aren't I suitable to be friends with you? ... You want to be friends with me, right?Ren Yamai to Shouko Komi.

Ren Yamai is the main antagonist of the 2016 romantic comedy manga series Komi Can't Communicate. She is a student of Itan Private High School in class 1-1, and a classmate of Shouko Komi, Hitohito Tadano and Osana Najimi. Yamai is the leader of a girl group in the classroom, and it is shown that she has an obsessive love interest in Komi.

She is voiced by Rina Hidaka.


At first, Yamai comes off as a social, polite and sweet girl. But it doesn't take long for her to show her true personality underneath; in reality, Yamai is an incredibly spiteful, perverse and dangerous person.

Like the rest of Itan's student body, Yamai deeply admires Komi and sees her as a goddess, but is also incredibly lustful towards her to very disturbing extents. Such examples of this include sniffing a strand of her hair, collecting photos of Komi and creating many collages of them both all over her room. She was also willing to invite Komi and Najimi over to her house, but only after realising that her room would have Komi's scent following the visit. Furthermore, she's unstable even with her own desires; wishing to touch and caress Komi but then restraining herself at the same time.

As is common for many Yanderes, Yamai is kind and hospitable towards Komi, affectionately referring to her as Komi-sama, but towards others she can be very unstable, frightening and violent. This is shown when she gets close to Tadano and whispers threats and insults into his ear, simply for referring to Komi without using honorifics. Later on, she then asks Najimi to introduce her to Komi, giving them the impression that she might kill Najimi should he/she refuse. Her most notable crime is kidnapping Tadano and keeping him tied up in her room, later intending to leave him buried in the mountains (giving him the choice between that or being dumped in the ocean) simply because she saw him and his friendship with Komi as an obstacle in the way of getting closer to her. Despite realising her mistake and apologising later, she still admits that she should have threatened and silenced Tadano.

Despite her lustful attitude, Yamai does hold true care and affection towards Komi, as she ran over to her when she tripped and fell at the pool, and later filed off the area of ground where she tripped. Aside from this, she was truly devastated when Komi rejected her as a friend following her kidnapping of Tadano and believed that her writing on her notepad meant that she wasn't even worth talking to, causing her to break down in tears.

Even after befriending Komi and learning of her social anxiety, Yamai still lets her lustful attitude flash through on multiple occasions. She also becomes more sneaky and tactile in planning out scenarios where she can be perverted towards Komi, only to have them thwarted.


Ren Yamai is one of Komi's classmates. She has an obssesive crush with Komi and secretly worships her even more so than Komi's classmates who admires her as a "class' goddess". When Hitohito, the male protagonist approached Yamai and asked her about Komi, Yamai jealously and violently threatens him.

In one arc, she kidnaps Hitohito since Yamai views him as a threat to her one-sided relationship with Komi. When Komi finds out about her villanous act, Komi retorts and "rejects" Yamai by saying that she gets to decide with whom she would be friends with which devasted Yamai.

Komi forgives her act and becomes at least an acquiantance to her. However Yamai continues to obsessively go after Komi going as far as orchestrating situations that would put Komi in a compromising situation (usually to see Komi's underwear, grope her, or forced a situation of them just being together).

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