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The Renegades are the main villains of Double Dragon IV.


The Renegades are a criminal organization controlled by the Okada sisters, who are also the head of the Okada Corporation. Having taken control over Japan, they now seek to take over the United States. For this end, they have defeated Willy Mackey and hired most of the former members of the Black Warriors, ordering their goons to search and defeat the Double Dragon brothers, which they see as a potential threat to their plans.

The Renegades' numbers are comprised of former Black Warriors members, as well as their own street thugs and various martial artists.  


Former Black Warriors Members

Original Members

  • Mason
  • Cody
  • Right Arm
  • Yamazaki
  • Soeno
  • Ayumi
  • Jake
  • Kodani
  • Ashida
  • Okada Sisters (leaders) - in addition to being skilled martial artists, the sisters are deadly with guns, giving them a great edge in fights.
    • Shannon Okada
    • Casey Okada
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