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„Listen up! In this world there are two types of people! People whou use others and people who are used. I don't care if it's my parents or my friends, I will use anyone in order to rise to power!
~ Renga to Naruto Uzumaki

Renga was the main villain of the Peddlers Escort Mission arc in Naruto. He was the oldest of the three evil ninja brother, leader of the Janin and the coup against the Land of Vegetables.

He was voiced by Masaki Terasoma in the Japanese version, and by Troy Baker in the English dubbed version.


Renga, with his two brothers Jiga and Ruiga, and his well-trained minions, carried out a coup against the landlord of the Land of Vegetables. The coup was also helped by traitors, and the landlord's castle soon fell. Renga killed the landlord with his sword. Ruiga went to capture his child, the princess while Jiga and Renga also kill all the traitors. Ruiga found of the princess's bodyguard Kikunojō and defeated him. After that, he found his friend Yurinojō and Naruto Uzumaki and Chōji Akimichi, but the princess was not with them. Initially, Ruiga had advantage but they realized his weak point and defeated him. The injured Ruiga was founded by Jiga who saw the possibility that if the little brother died only Renga will gain more power than him. He killed Ruiga and set off to find the princess. He met Naruto, and Jiga easily defeated him and then fought Hinana Hyuga, but she realized his weak point and after a hard fight, Jiga also lost.

Renga was a little surprised that Ruiga and Jiga were also defeated, but treated their deaths as an advantage. He captured Chōji, Hinata and Jurinojo and after that he attacked Naruto and the princess. The evil ninja tried to turn them against each other, but too soon revealed his true personality. It looked very much like Renga would win, but Naruto realized his weakness as well. Naruto defeated him with his own jutsu. Renga lost, but told Naruto it had no significance because the war was reaching Land of Vegetables.

Renga's defeat.

Then, however, Shizune arrived with Shikamaru and Naruto other friends Renga's minions have all been defeated and the Land of Vegetables will not be attacked by any other country. The princess wanted to kill her father's killer, but she did not kill him. Renga's fate is unknown after this.


Renga: You sure, I don't belive in trusting humans. Especially not humans who have betrayed someone before.
Traitor: Y-You're joking Renga-sama!
Renga: This isn't a damned joke.
~ Renga before he kill on of the landlord's traitor

Renga kill the landlord.

Renga was a very cruel, sadistic, conceited person. But perhaps his most important trait is that he was extremely selfish and used anyone to gain power. He believed that there are only people who use other or used by others. He only used his own brothers, he also saw their death as an advantage. He was greedy, power hungry, and his jutsu made him too arrogant and pompous.

Powers and abilities

Renga use his unique jutsu.

Renga, like his brothers had a unique and peculiar jutsu. He was able to create ice like Haku, but it was not Kekkei Genkai. He extracted water from the humidity of the air, turning it into a resistant ice mirror, disk or shield. The ice disk was compared to be used as a magnifying glass, which was both a weapon and a reconnaissance tool. He was able to create a snake-like creature from the plates that he controlled and saw through. The ice shield provided great protection as it was also almost invisible and raised very hard. Not even the kunai knife could crack it. His main weapon was to float a great ice lens in the sky, concentrating the sun's rays on a point like a magnifying glass and attacking an area. The concentrated sunbeams melted and blasted the area. This attack on man was not fatal, but it was very painful.

Renga was able to create multiple discs at once, which was an even more effective weapon. The discs were hard enough to dodge as they were almost invisible and could painfully hit the opponent. He could also make even bigger explosions by floating several discs on top of each other, destroying smaller rocks or even mountains. He was still able to "fly" with the ice discs and run in the air.


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