The real battle hasn't even begun yet, because I'm about to disintegrate you.
~ Renkotsu

Renkotsu is the strategist of the Band of Seven, he is skilled in smithing and pyrokinetic, as shown in how he uses various oil ignition flames and creation of Ginkotsu's body. While seemingly loyal to Bankotsu, he secretly wants to kill him in order to gain power.

He was voiced by Tomokazu Sugita in the Japanese dubbed version, and Brian Drummond in the English dubbed version.

He first appears to the Inuyasha'a group as a monk, having killed the original head of the temple he had killed in order to disguise his identity. However, the ruse is eventually found out and is thrawted by Inuyasha. He later rebuilds Ginkotsu as a transport device for the Band of Seven, and engage in several failed attempts on Inuyasha and Koga's life.

Eventually, he decides to take the Jewels for himself and murders a defeated Jakotsu to obtain his shard, only to be easily killed by Bankotsu.



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