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Rino Miller

Reno Miller

Reno Miller
is the chief antagonist of the infamous horror movie known as "The Driller Killer" - the film was cited as starting the "video nasty" scare and although not as gruesome as some films seen today it was known for its use of shocking advertising and violence, released a year or so before Halloween or Friday the 13th this was one of the earlier examples of a true slasher film (technically speaking it was more of a splatter-film) and was low-budget but effective in its own way.

Reno Miller was a mentally disturbed man who was pushed over the edge of his already deteriating sanity due to varied events in the film, which prompted him to go on a bloody rampage as the self-titled "Driller Killer" - armed with an electric drill he proceeds to massacre random people as he hits the streets: resulting in many deaths as his homicidal mania turns him into a near-unstoppable killing machine.

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