Johnny Morrow was a famed child actor but became less famous as he got older. He took up the name Replay and is an enemy of Static in Static Shock.


Johnny once had his own TV show since he was ten years old as well as limos and wealth. But the network cancelled his show and his wealth and luxury were lost. After the Big Bang, Johnny had the power to create clones and had electrokinetic powers. He used his new powers to steal items from the Dakota Mall. In one of his robberies, he was confronted by Static. He chased Johnny to an old circus where Johnny identified himself as Replay.

Replay escaped and Static was trapped underneath the rubble. After seeing the superhero's popularity, Johnny created an energy clone of Static to destroy his publicity much like how his publicity once fell. Using his three clones of himself and a clone of Static, Johnny attacked the TV station that got him fired and canceled his show. Static arrived and defeated Johnny's clones while the Static clone proved to be a hard opponent. Replay revealed to Static that he planned to attack the studio and frame Static for it. Richie over the intercom revealed to the former child actor that entire chat was taped and that destroying Static was not a good plan. Realizing that everyone now knows his plans, Johnny fled but Static threw his clone at Johnny, electrocuting the two criminals. The police arrived and arrested Replay.

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