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Marvin Roper, better known Replikon, is a Bang Baby and a villain in Static Shock.

He is voiced by rapper Coolio.


He and his friend Adam Evans once worked as stock clerks in a music store called Stone Gas Records. However, Marvin’s music was not on the same level as Adam’s, as per Adam’s remark of “We just jammed sometimes after work, until I figured out, he was all talk and no walk.” This prevented the two from working together.

After the Big Bang, Marvin gained the ability to shape-shift, and called himself Replikon. He abused his powers and went about a rampage on a store before he re-encountered Adam who was also affected by the big bang and gained the power to stretch his body (while calling himself Rubberband Man). Replikon was surprised to see Adam again and made enemies with him and Static before making his escape.

Using his powers, he tries to get a record deal with Lester Biggs and ruin Adam’s record deal, but was initially unsuccessful. Marvin kidnapped AJ McLean (of the Backstreet Boys) and posed as him to succeed in his scheme.

However, Static noticed that Marvin was posing AJ when he saw that AJ’s tattoos were on the wrong side after seeing him on television. With fame and fortune in his grasp, Replikon decided to deal away with AJ who managed to escape before being cornered until Static arrived at the old music store that Marvin and Adam once worked at. There, Static defeated Replikon with the help of AJ who used Marvin's own bad music against him. Marvin was later arrested for his crimes.


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