I'm about to repo your lives.

Repo Mantis is a recurring antagonist in the 2018 Nickelodeon show Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He was voiced by Fred Tatasciore. He’s a purple skinned mantis who wears a blue vest with a white shirt and a grey buckle with sharp blades for hands and a 1950s hair.


He got stung by an Oozesquito and turned into a mutant mantis and became an owner of the Repo Mantis Salvage. When Donnie and Mikey were looking to receive the Moon Buggy from him, he offered to give it to them in exchange for doing some work for him. He sent the turtles to repossess a van owned by Todd Capybara but feeling bad for leaving him and his puppies homeless, the two decide to build a new place for them to live. When they returned to Repo Mantis, he refused to give it to them because the Moon Buggy was worth a million dollars and he planned to use it as a tourist attraction.

The turtles stole the buggy and in retaliation, Mantis chased them over the city but was defeated by the buggy. In the Evil League of Mutants, Repo Mantis joined forces with Baron Draxum, Meat Sweats, Hypno-Potamus, Warren Stone, and the Sando Brothers to destroy Ninja Turtles after trying to steal an air tank from a retirement home. After tricking the turtles to an abandoned warehouse, the league ambushed them and nearly defeated them, but they used their training to defeat the group.


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