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Repton is the main antagonist of Storm Hawks


is the cunning leader of his three bumbling brothers (whom he can't believe we're born in the same nest as him), and his only reason for tolerating them being a promise to his mother not to use them as target practice. A ruthless warrior, Repton's hobby is collecting the shields of defeated Sky Knight squadrons. Considered nasty and bitter even amongst his own kind, he is a seasoned hunter; cunning, patient and driven. However, in the pursuit of his prey, Repton will quite often ignore obvious danger until it is inevitably too late to avoid it. He is also somewhat gullible in regards to information about his target or prey, in one instance believing Finn's lie that the "Rozen yoga" (an item that he perceived to be valuable) was located nearby with a group of Phoenixes. He and his group are responsible for defeating the Interceptors. This was revealed during his battle with Starling. Repton is also one of Cyclonis's most competent lackeys next to Dark Ace, considering he rules his own terra, has his own henchmen, and is loyal through self-interest (and the fact Cyclonis threatened to destroy his terra otherwise). Repton has shown that he is not afraid of Master Cyclonis as evident when he was threatened by Cyclonis of an invasion that she was welcome to try and when he thought that she sent an agent he was going to fight it himself (though he did send his forces first), although it is unclear as to whether this bravery is through courage or ignorance of how powerful Cyclonis's forces are.

Repton uses a crystal-powered energy boomerang in battle, which becomes a fiery energy ring when thrown. Repton is responsible for the destruction of more then a dozen Sky Knight squadrons, including the legendary "Interceptors" who were led by Starling, he hangs their shields on the walls in the top room of his tower on Terra Bogaton.






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