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Fear me, humans! I shall conquer Earth with my power! (怖がれ人間共!この地球を俺様の力で侵略してやる! Kowagare ningen-domo! Kono Chikyū wo ore-sama no chikara de shinryaku shite yaru!)
~ First words after his first arrival.

{{Quote|My name is Reset Button Jamen! I'm able to repeat the same time over and over again! i am the Strongest Jamenshi! Even if i get defeated in battle, as long as i pressed the button I can reset time to try again as many time as i want! (俺の名なはリセットボタン邪面!何度も同じ時間を繰り返すことが出来る!最強の邪面師だ!若戦いに敗れてもこのボタンを押せば時はリセットされ何度でもリベンジ出来る!(Ore no na wa Risetto Botan Jamen! Nando mo onaji jikan wo kurikaesu koto ga dekiru! Saikyō no Jamenshi da! Moshi tatakai ni yaburete mo kono botan wo ose ba toki wa risetto sare nando de mo ribenji dekiru! First words after his fourth arrival.)

. (もう止める…もう侵略は諦めた。帰 かえる。 Mō yameru… Mō shinryaku wa akirameta. Kaeru.)
~ Last words face to Kirama Yellow.

Gaha! After all!? (ギャーッ!やっぱり~!? Gyā'! Yappari!?)
~ Final words before death.

The Reset Button Jamen (リセットボタン邪面 Risetto Botan Jamen) is one of the two antagonists (the other being Hassha Button Ligany) in episode 11 of 2020 TV series Mashin Sentai Kiramager. He is a black body Reset Button-based Jamenshi of Dark Empire Yodonheim whose dark energy was used to release the Hassha Button Ligany.

He is voiced by Shinya Hamazoe.


The Reset Button Jamen made his first appearance as he terrorize the civilians until the Kiramagers showed up to stop him. Once Tametomo open fired on the Jamenshi the Reset Button Jamen forced him to press the button as it restarts the scenario. 2nd time the team battles him while Tametomo stands by.

This goes on for at least few more times until Tametomo comes to conclusion that it was the Jamenshi that was doing the resetting of time as he arrived to planet earth for the 3rd time. With that concluded this goes on for at least 12 more times during the battle.

During the final loop the Reset Button is tired from the looping and battling Tametomo until Galza finished the Jamen off thus making him the 2nd Jamenshi to be killed by the general.


  • Like Freezer Jamen, Reset Button Jamen's bodysuit is also reused from Rugby Jamen.
  • The design of the head for the Rest Button Jamen draws some similarities of the Nightmare Dopant from Kamen Rider W.
  • Reset Button Jamen's ability to manipulate time is very similar to both Kamen Rider Odin from Kamen Rider Ryuki and Kamen Rider Cronus from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.


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