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A Retainer is a unit charged with guarding the "Other Place", a dimension where those killed in Nevada are sent. A single Retainer serves as the main antagonist Madness Combat 9.5.

Their purpose is to "retain" anyone who tries to leave the afterlife and keep them from escaping. They are summoned when someone causes a major enough disruption in the Other Place to the point where heavy force is warranted to keep things under control.


A retainer appears before Hank J. Wimbleton after he fought his way through numerous l33t Agents in the afterlife. Emerging on an elevator platform, the Retainer engaged Hank to retain him to the afterlife. With its immense strength and psionic abilities, the retainer quickly got the better of Hank, knocking him outside the room with a powerful punch. The retainer pursued Hank as he continued his killing spree through the AAHW units, knocking him off the platform he was on. After Hank hit the ground, the Retainer picked him to finish him off, with the part ending before Hank's fate could be seen.


  • When asked why a Retainer appeared to confront Hank J. Wimbleton in his journey in the afterlife but not Deimos, Krinkels answered "You gotta f*ck around a LOT for a retainer to be summoned. That, and Deimos isn't the same as hank. Hank is a serious problem."


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