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Jojo Stardust 2

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Retak'ka is the main antagonist of the 2019 movie, BoBoiBoy:The Movie 2. He is the alleged original owner of the Elemental powers, and he returns to take those powers back from BoBoiBoy.


Retak'ka is a dangerous new villain who claims to be the original user of BoBoiBoy’s Elemental Powers. He has come to take back his powers from BoBoiBoy with whatever means necessary. Not much is known about Retak'ka except that he is intelligent, power hungry and ruthless.


He is an alien that has a blue skin. His hair is dark blue with light blue crest color. He wears a red, blue and black outfit along with his black pair of sandals. The bottom of his outfit can be seen torn, which implied that he once had a fight with someone.


It is revealed in the trailer, Retak'ka attacked TAPOPS station and demanded BoBoiBoy return his elemental powers.



  • His name is the play of the word "retak" or "retakan", which mean "cracked" or "cracks" respectively.
  • Retak'ka has probably already had some of the same elemental powers as BoBoiBoy even before he finds it maximally, like land, fire, and ice. It is still unclear why the reason might be that he could still survive on the previous planet with this power during Ochobot's inhalation to be shown to BoBoiBoy.


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