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Perhaps a mere brat like you do not know... splitting only makes your Elemental Powers weak!
~ Retak'ka taunting BoBoiBoy Solar.

Retak'ka is the main antagonist of the 2019 Malaysian computer-animated film BoBoiBoy Movie 2. He is the original owner of the Elemental powers, and he returns to take those powers back from BoBoiBoy.

He was voiced by Fadzli Mohd Rawi.


He is an alien that has blue skin. His hair is dark blue with light blue crest.He wears a maroon, blue lines and black outfit along with his black pair of sandals. The bottom of his outfit can be seen torn, which implied that he once fought with Hang Kasa. Retak'ka is very old since he spoke with an old Malay accent (in the Malay version) and was imprisoned in crystal for more than 100 years.


Retak'ka is a dangerous ancient villain who was the original user of BoBoiBoy’s Elemental Powers. He has come to take back his powers from BoBoiBoy with whatever means necessary. Retak'ka is intelligent, power-hungry and ruthless. He has no compassion for his opponents during the battle, especially BoBoiBoy, his toughest enemy. He is willing to destroy an entire planet just to become stronger by draining elemental powers from said planet, as evidenced several times in the movie. He also destroyed TAPOPS station and intimidates Koko Ci to tell him Boboiboy's location.

He knows more about elemental powers than BoBoiBoy does, informing him that splitting make Elemental Powers weak, indicating his experience with having the powers that BoBoiBoy currently inherits.


Early life

When Retak'ka was young, he was thrown away by his parents to Planet Gugura, a large garbage dump. He also met Hang Kasa and both of them and they quickly became the best of friends. At some point in their life, Retak'ka along with Hang Kasa discovered Power Spheres CrystalBot and GammaBot. Retak'ka took the latter and Hang Kasa took the formmer. With that, they both become unbeatable in battles.

However, it was not enough for Retak'ka as stated by Hang Kasa. He became power-hungry, ruthless and cruel, to the point that he became willing to fight his one and only friend Hang Kasa himself to obtain his crystal power. Hang Kasa managed to absorb all of Retak'ka's elemental powers to Ochobot along with his Crystal element before sealing Retak'ka into a Crystal Prison. He remains there for about 100 years until a gang of Crystal Miners arrive to dig crystals in the Solaria system. However, they unknowingly released Retak'ka from his frozen state and he interrogated Kechik, leading to the events of BoBoiBoy Movie 2.

BoBoiBoy Movie 2

After being freed from his crystal prison on the Miners' spaceship, he finds out that he has a remnant of his Gamma powers. The Miners were surprised to see that he was a master of the Elements, although they acknowledge BoBoiBoy as one. As a result, Retak'ka interrogates the leader of Crystal Miners for information about BoBoiBoy and TAPOPS, assuring that he will not harm them and they will find more crystals.

Later on, he attacked TAPOPS station, destroying it in the process, in an attempt to force Koko Ci and Admiral Tarung into revealing Boboiboy's location. When Boboiboy did show up, he threw Koko Ci to the ground and lifted Boboiboy with his hand, demanding him to return his elemental powers to him. Boboiboy refused but it didn't end well after Retak'ka absorbed Boboiboy Thunderstorm, Boboiboy Thorn, Boboiboy Cyclone and Boboiboy Solar, stripping Boboiboy from five of these powers. Gopal suddenly shows up to save BoBoiBoy before Koko Ci tells him to find Hang Kasa as the gang urgently depart to Planet Quabaq. With the Commander, Admiral, Fang, Yaya and Ying left behind on the station, Gogobi detonates the explosives left behind to destroy the already-wrecked station, not before Captain Kaizo uses his Energy Barrier to stop the attack, saving his brother, Yaya, Ying as well as Koko Ci and Tarung and placed a tracker on the Miners' ship.

Throughout the movie, he went from planet to planet, draining the elemental forces within those planets to upgrade his elements. When he did so, said planets will suffer from mass destruction, potentially wiping out all life on it as shown in the movie when Retak'ka killed almost all the residents of Planet Gur'lathan. After finding out that all the Gur'lathan guards were defeated, Koko Ci said that Retak'ka's conquest is more dire than expected. Yaya and Ying then trace Retak'ka and his crew to Planet Bayugan, where he would drain the planet's Wind element. Ying sends a warning signal to the inhabitants to inform them about the threat.

On Planet Rimbara, which turns out to be a moon of Planet Quabaq that BoBoiBoy and Gopal are currently training in, Retak'ka prepares to drain the Leaf element from there. After Yaya, Ying, Fang, Sai and Shielda help evacuate the Rimbaran natives, Retak'ka traps the ship with his Darkwood form in vines, while the trio scramble to escort the ship. Retak'ka kidnaps them to get information about Earth, where he could upgrade all his stolen Elements.

Retak'ka informs his old enemy, Hang Kasa, and BoBoiBoy, to meet him at Earth, blackmailing to the latter that he will kill Fang, Yaya and Ying if he didn't come. Kasa also realizes that the Crystal Prison had kept him younger than he normally should be. Hang Kasa teleports to Earth to look for Retak'ka, whom he mentions to Retak'ka that he has a stomach ache in an attempt to let his guard down. Retak'ka sees this, attacking his enemy. Hang Kasa activates CrystalBot, then uses Crystal Shield to block Retak'ka's Thunder Blade while Pipi turns into Hardshell Tortoise prematurely to free Gopal and BoBoiBoy.

Retak'ka then overpowers Tok Kasa as an appreciation for crystallizing him, before breaking Kasa's Crystal Armor is his Tempest form. Retak'ka announces his intention to kill Hang Kasa, but BoBoiBoy blocks the attack as Blaze. BoBoiBoy then transforms into Ice to distract him with Ice Bow. Retak'ka retaliates by pinning him onto a rock and strapping him with vines as Darkwood. Ochobot then feels that BoBoiBoy is in danger, but Gopal say that they can't let Retak'ka see them there. Meanwhile, the Zolas deal with the Miners and saving Fang, Yaya and Ying, who were hostages on the miners' ship. Retak'ka grabs the seemingly dead Tok Kasa and absorbs his Crystal powers before facing BoBoiBoy.

Instead of surrendering, Boboiboy split into two, namely Boboiboy Ice and Boboiboy Blaze. Retak'ka asks if he still insist on splitting, only for Boboiboy to reveal that it is actually a merge. The newly-formed Boboiboy Frostfire then engaged him. Retak'ka almost wins when he nearly crystallizes Boboiboy when Gopal provides Ochobot to BoBoiBoy, who used the former's elemental drain to drain his Crystal power. Enraged at this, he switched to Retak'ka Voltra to engage Fang, Yaya and Ying, who all managed to beat him down afterwards. Refusing to accept his fate, he calls them a "puny brat" and uses his Darkwood form in an attempt to destroy a nearby dam, but was stopped by Boboiboy Glacier who froze him using Ice Golem before using Ochobot to strip him of all his remaining powers. Boboiboy Thunderstorm and Boboiboy Solar then fused to form Boboiboy Supra, who later blasted Retak'ka into outer space in dead condition. BoBoiBoy collapsed in exhaustion, causing him to fall into the river in an unconscious state.

Powers & Skills

Third-tier Elemental Powers

  • Retak'ka Gamma: Gained from obtaining Gammabot and after upgrading the Light element in an unknown planet, it allows him to weaponize light rays and gamma radiation.
  • Retak'ka Voltra: He apparently stole this power from an unknown Power Sphere of the Electric element before the events of Boboiboy Movie 2, which grants him power over lightning. During the movie, he absorbed this power from Boboiboy Thunderstorm and went to Planet Gur'latan to upgrade this power, killing nearly all the residents in the process.
  • Retak'ka Tempest: Another power stolen by him from an unknown Power Sphere of the Wind element. During the movie, he absorbed this power from Boboiboy Cyclone, granting him dangerous, long hairs and the ability to manipulate winds. He went to Planet Bayugan to enhance this power.
  • Retak'ka Darkwood: Before the movie, he stole this power from an unknown Power Sphere of the Leaf element. During the movie, he absorbed this power from Boboiboy Thorn, upgrading it at Planet Rimbara.
  • Retak'ka Crystal: Retak'ka obtained this ability by absorbing it from Hang Kasa, who mastered the earth element, allowing him to manipulate crystal and even crystallize his foe.


  • Elemental Absorption: Retak'ka is shown to have absorbed various attacks from BoBoiBoy to make him more powerful and regain his elemental powers. He absorbs Boboiboy Cyclone, Thunderstorm, Thorn and Solar completely to obtains his former elemental form.
    • Radiation Absorption: He absorbed Boboiboy Solar's eclipse attack, which only made him more powerful. This ability is because gamma radiation is produced by the sun, which Boboiboy Solar's powers are derived from.
    • Electric Absorption: Retak'ka can absorb electricity from Planet Gur'latan and BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm which only made him more powerful.
    • Air Absorption: He can also absorb attacks from BoBoiBoy Cyclone and managed to absorb Planet Bayugan's wind.



  • His name is the play of the word "retak" or "retakan", which means "cracked" or "cracks" respectively.
  • Retak'ka has probably already had some of the same elemental powers as BoBoiBoy even before he finds it maximally, like land, fire, and ice. It is still unclear why the reason might be that he could still survive on the previous planet with this power during Ochobot's inhalation to be shown to BoBoiBoy.
  • He is the third villain of the franchise to die, the others are Bora Ra and Captain Vargoba.
    • Coincidentally, all 3 of them are the evilest villains in the BoBoiBoy franchise.
  • The way he dies is similar to the way Captain Vargoba tries to kill Boboiboy, as both involves being knocked to outer space.
  • Retak'ka can be considered as an evil counterpart to BoBoiBoy (which is pretty fitting) as both were the owners of elemental powers. Their differences is that BoBoiBoy was kind-hearted, protective, and heroic as he was using the elemental powers to protect the Earth and defeat the evil threats, even also learning more about the elemental powers whereas Retak'ka was ruthless, traitorous, and villainous to the point of sadistically abusing his elemental powers for his own deeds and collecting more powers by draining the planets' power sources, even also know more about elemental powers than BoBoiBoy.
  • His death was different in the comic version, as he was presumably getting arrested by TAPOPS after he was knocked out from being defeated by BoBoiBoy Supra.
  • Retak'ka's downfall was possible primarily because he told BoBoiBoy about how splitting only makes his elemental powers weak. If Retak'ka didn't told him about that, he wouldn't have been destroyed.


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