Retro–Pinhead (sometimes called "Beanhead") was Andre's very first puppet, he had the soul of a beggar that lived outside of Andre's Puppet theater. A beggar that teased him, but they were friends all the same. after the beggar died of a sickness, Andre put his soul into this little guy who ran away and then watched as the puppeteers were all killed and then he helped Andre kill Sutekh's minions.

Differences from the other Pinhead

Seeing as he is an older puppet and amoung the first of Andre's Puppets, he (and the other Retros) bore some big differences between him and the other Pinhead we see in the rest of the movies.

  • 1. This Pinhead is not painted and the other pinhead was painted human skin color.
  • 2. He wears a brown sleeveless shirt and shorts and boots as the other one wears a brown jacket and paints and shoes.
  • 3.This Pinhead does not wears gloves and has big arms as the other one has fingerless gloves and bigger hands than the retro.
  • 4.His head seem to be a little big with not eyes as the other one has a tiny head with eyes.
  • 5.This Pinhead can open his mouth as the other one can not.


  • Retro Puppet Master
  • Puppet Master 8: The Legacy (Archival footage)
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