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Reverend Or Al Sharpton is the secondary antagonist of the adult cartoon Freaknik the musical produced by T-Pain He is a member of the secret society called the Boule.


The Leader Of The Boule Oprah Winfrey played by Liz Benoit orders Reverend To Go Down to Freaknik's Mansion To Pay Him a Visit. And To Tell him he works for the Boule Now. Saying that no one has power over the masses then the Boule. Later At Freaknik's Mansion Reverend Tries to tell Freaknik that he works for the Boule now. But Freaknik Tells him off and refuses his offer sending him down a hole. Back at The Boule HQ Reverend Explains that Freaknik Is Not Interested In The Boule and not be corrupted. Later Its Presumed that Reverend Got Kicked Out Of The Boule He Gets Killed By a Freak electrical accident at his house later that day Killing Him instantly He Will Later become The Perminator.