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Gays are witty, gays are clean, they are polite, they are good dancers, snappy dressers, and raise property value. But you've got to take my word for it - Homosexuals are evil! There is nothing that Jesus hates more than a gay. Not a murderer, not a rapist, not even a Jew!
~ Reverend Rosty spreading his hateful gospel with his church.

Reverend Rosty is a recurring antagonist from Brickleberry. He is a homophobic Christian fundamentalist,who leads the The Jesus Hates Homos Church. He is villainous for violently protesting to ban people he hates from Hazelhurst, namely LGBT people and the Jewish, and is known to stone people to death. He first appeared in "Gay Bomb".

He is voiced by Tom Kenny, who also voices the Ice King in Adventure Time, Chester in Kids Next Door, Mumbo Jumbo in Teen Titans, Patches in The Powerpuff Girls, and Commander Peepers in Wander Over Yonder.


In "Gay Bomb", Woody Johnson had Reverend Rosty and his church come down to Brickleberry National Park to spread their hate speech against gay people, much to the chagrin of Connie Cunaman. Reverend Rosty went up to his podium and announced that homosexuality was even worse of a sin than murder and rape. He also claimed that following Judaism was a sin and implied that it too was worse than murder and rape. When one of his followers pointed out a contradiction in his speech, noting that Jesus Christ was Jewish, Reverend Rosty ordered his other followers to stone him. His followers violently pelted him to a bloody pulp with rocks and finished him off by crushing him to death with a boulder. Later, in the episode, Connie dropped a gay bomb, which reversed the sexual orientations of everybody in Brickleberry, turning Reverend Rosty gay. As a homosexual, Reverend Rosty had sex with a fellow Christian from his church. During this time, he apologized to Connie for his homophobic ways and also mentioned that while he was a homophobe and set up a homosexual reprogramming station, which was still active and being used on Connie's recently lezzified friend, Ethel Anderson. At the end of the episode, the effects of the gay bomb wore off and Reverend Rosty became straight again. As his normal heterosexual self, Rosty denied his gay acts in the past and went back to being a hateful bigot again.

In "Baby Daddy", Reverend Rosty and the JHHC protested outside of a hospital demanding the illegalization of abortions while a mob of liberal hippie girls protested against them, enforcing their pro-choice views. When it came to light that Steve Williams, a man was pregnant, Rosty was horrified and disgusted and said that his upcoming baby was an abomination against God and needed to be killed, while the hippie girls called it a miracle of science that needed to be saved. Both sides stopped for a second to think about what they said and then went over to each other's picket lines to switch sides. From then on, Reverend Rosty promoted the murder of Steve's unborn child, while the hippies promoted its safety.

In "Cops and Bottoms", Reverend Rosty started worshipping a hemorrhoid on Woody's rear that looked kind of like Jesus.


  • Reverend Rosty is a parody on Fred Phelps, the infamous leader of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, known for their rampant, bigoted protests against the LGBT community, Judaism, and abortions.


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