Reverend Samuel Smith is a Satanic Communist mutant with healing powers who is the leader of a religious cult known as the Church of the Saved and he is an enemy of the Punisher.


Sam Smith was the founder of the Church of the Saved. He amassed his large cult following because of his mutant healing powers that could heal virtually any wounds, and revive the recently deceased. He often claimed that the United States of America was racist and fascist, and told his followers they would build their own paradise in Dutch Guiana.

In reality, he was having them leave the country to avoid criminal charges when he killed one of his own followers for speaking out against him. After moving to their cult commune in Dutch Guiana called Smithtown, they begin getting trained for war with the U.S. government.

The person training them was the Punisher working undercover, and he was purposely providing bad training. He also discovers Sam Smith's plan to assassinate a visiting senator and kill their followers with cyanide laced punch. Punisher shot Smith and informed the followers to return to America, claiming it was Smith's last words. Smith survived this encounter and started worshipping a demon known as Belasco.

He recruited the Punisher villain Jigsaw with the promise to heal his mutilated face. The two travel travel to Venezuela, where Smith gets a new following to harvest plants that ccause sterilization. Belasco wanted to use the plants to stop humanity from being able to reproduce, thus ultimately ending all of humanity.

Punisher destroyed the crop of plants that Smith sent to New York to begin the sterilization of humanity. Enraged Smith killed an entire Venezuelan family and began a new crop.

The Punisher arrived in Venezuela and appeared to be killed by Jigsaw. Smith then healed Jigsaw's scarred face as initially promised. Moments later Punisher arrived and killed Jigsaw. Belasco appeared and defeated Punisher.

Tired of Smith's repeated failures, Belasco ordered Smith to revive Jigsaw and have him fight Punisher in the jungle. if Jigsaw failed Belasco would take Smith's powers away. Jigsaw did fail and had his face redisfigured.

As Smith attempted to escape in his helicopter, Punisher activated a bomb planted inside of it. Smith was killed in the explosion.

Powers and Abilities

Reverend Samuel Smith possesses an extansive mutant healing ability he calls "The Touch", which can heal a person just by touching the individual. He can heal himself as well, even to the point of regrowing limbs. On one occasion—possibly backed by the power of Belasco—he resurrected someone who had apparently died within a few hours time.



  • He was based on the real-life cult leader Jim Jones.
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