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Reverend Stone is the Christian reverend of a local church in Silent Hill during the 1800's, and he appeared in the Silent Hill comics Past Life. Although is unknown that he is also one of The Order's well known members in their history or not, this man is certainly the ancestor of Jimmy Stone, a modern day high-ranking cleric of the Order.


Little known about Rev. Stone other then he is one of the historical figures in Silent Hill's recorded history, is that he is a local preacher running a church in the town of Silent Hill in the 19th century.

Rev. Stone possibly has died of natural causes.

Reverend Stone held a deep-seated belief within (the Order's) old teachings that the world will be judged and God bring about a Paradise on Earth worthy of the believers.

Descendant of Reverend Stone

Centuries later, the direct descendant of Reverend Stone was named Jimmy Stone, a priest of the Vatiel sect, one of the few remaining divisions of the Order. Unfortunately, Jimmy Stone died betrayed and murdered by a mass murderer who chose him as a sacrifice to a dangerous holy ceremony within the Order's teachings.


  • Tom Waltz, the writer of the Silent Hill comic, confirmed Reverend Stone is related to Jimmy Stone from Silent Hill 4: The Room.


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