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Revis is an antagonist from Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, specifically the sidestory Sword Oratoria.

She was voiced by Sayaka Ōhara.


Revis resembles a woman with pale skin, green eyes, and short red hair. Ehen she shed her disguise as Hashana, she was wearing a green top, a green thong, and brown boots. Her other primary attire consists of a red long-sleeved leotard.


She first appears in the guise of a long-haired woman who kills Hashana Dorlia at his room in Willy’s Inn.

She was next seen disguised as a man using Hashana's face when Aiz and Lefiya chased after Lulune Louie who ran from the investigation on who murdered Hashana. When they caught up to her, it was revealed that Revis, who was the culprit, was after the jewel Hashana had given her, which contained a monster inside of it.

When the three tried to head back to town to deal with a monster attack, they were intercepted by the still disguised Revis who grabbed Lefiya by the neck, smacking aside Lulune when she tried to save her. It took one strike from Ais to break Revis’s grip. Shortly after that, Revis dropped her disguise and attacked Ais.

Upon managing to procure the jewel, she fused the monster inside of it with a viola to create a tainted spirit. Ais found herself having to fight back until Riveria, Finn, and the Hiryute sisters came to the rescue.

Tiona manages to kill the beast, but Revis still injures Ais.

Just as she was about to kill Ais, Finn and Riveria used their weapons to block her attack with Finn actually managing to wound Revis, prompting the woman to flee.


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