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Well, if she's important to you, do your best to protect her.
~ Revive to Andrei Smirnov.

Revive Revival is a member of the Innovators and a major antagonist in the second season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. He is a loyal follower of Ribbons Almark.


Even though he is one of genetic twins of Anew Returner, Revive is her complete opposite personality-wise. Just like the other members of Innovators, he feels more superior than the normal human and doesn't like being mocked by his opponents. Unlike the others, Revive has bit of respect for few human beings, such as Kati Mannequin while openly disrespecting others such as Arba Lindt. Also he is shown to have high expectations to the others entrusted by Ribbons, such Louise Halevy, even though he has a mind to help her to defeat the Gundams.

Revive also has carefree and playful-side especially towards the other Innovator member, teasing Bring about his usual quiet and stoic nature before being shocked at hearing Memento Mori activation. Beside being opposite of Anew, he still has some similarity with her, especially his caring-side toward the other Innovator member,as he seemed distraught and hurt by the death of Bring by the hands of Tieria and shocked after know Hilling Care brutally killed by Allelujah.His relationship with Anew is unknown.However,he little bit caring with her especially when he feeling Bad toward Anew when she enter the battlefield to aid them but not really distraught or shocked after know her death in Setsuna's hand.


He is first time seen when he asked Ribbons if its time to him to do something in Middle East, but Ribbons' simple answer at him that he already has another person that will take his task to Middle East. Later Ribbons drops him to A-Laws which he get "Licensed captain" rank in there, and join many events and battles in A-Laws side. When Ribbons secretly put a their sleeper agent on the Celestial Being side, Revive always use his quantum-brainwaves to tracking their spots to connected with the sleeper agents, so A-Laws can easily find the Celestial Being when they were hiding from them.

Revive always being partnered with Hilling Care, one of Ribbons loyal follower. When he has battle with Tieria Erde, he was being captured by him and being interrogated by the Gundam Meister about VEDA Location. However, Revive refuse to answer it and he said that he didn't know anything about VEDA location. At this time, he release Anew Returner Innovator persona, order to her to take the hostage and release 0-Raiser. Even he fail to get 0-Raiser due being ambush by Setsuna and Lockon, he has no change but let them to take the 0-raiser, but he shot the cockpit which make 0-Raiser unable to be used, and escape with Anew.

When Ribbons has battle with Setsuna with his Reborns-Gundam, he and Hilling decide to help him and have a battle with Lockon Stratos. Even he able to make heavily damaged Cherudim-Gundam which edging closer to destruction, Lockon use Trans-Am just as Revive/Gadessa was about to strike the final blow, avoiding it, before bringing up his last GN Pistol II, firing repeatedly on Gadessa at point-blank range, causing it to explode and killing Revive in the process.


Who would've ever imagined that I would find myself joining A-Laws?
~ Revive when he became a licensed captain of the A-Laws.
Unlike Mr. Bushido, I'm promise I will follow your plan, Colonel.
~ Revive to Kati Mannequin.
Defeat... I'm an Innovator... and I was defeated.
~ Revive after he was instantly defeated by Setsuna.
Wow, a promotion for killing your own father...
~ Revive, sarcastically stating about Andrei's promotion.
You do understand, don't you? If anything should happen to me, I cannot guarantee the safety of the hostage. Because we're the same type, Anew and I are able to connected our thoughts. (looking at Tieria) I trust you understand.
~ Revive, explaining about Anew's identity and threatening Mileina's safety.
They took back the hostage? Because they made her a woman, she gets swept up in her own emotions.
~ Revive's comment about Anew releasing Mileina
Then I have no choice. I'll give up the O-Raiser. But I'm not leaving it to you... for free.
~ Revive, when he has no choice to give up O-Raiser.
Warrant Officer Halevy. This may be the new Regnant's first sortie, but we're expecting a lot at you.
~ Revive, trusting Louise Halevy to her first battle with GNMA-Regnant.


  • Due to him being a battle-type Innovade, Revive is genderless. However, in the English dub, he is a woman.


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