Delza Revival!
~ The Great Leader summoning the Revived Kaijin Corps.

The Revived Kaijin Corps are an antagonistic group in the 39th and final episode of Kamen Rider Stronger and the "All Together! Seven Kamen Riders!!" TV special. are a team of Kaijin assembled by the Great Boss of Delza Army to defeat the 7 Legendary Kamen Riders.


Kamen Rider Stronger

The Revived Kaijin Corps were summoned by the Great Leader to defeat the 7 Kamen Riders. While Stronger went to defeat Marshal Machine and save Tobei Tachibana, Commander Jishaku and Armored Knight led the Revived Kaijin Corps to defeat the other 6 Kamen Riders. They were all destroyed by the combined powers of the Legendary Kamen Riders, allowing them to go on to confront the Great Leader.

All Together! Seven Kamen Riders!!

The Revived Kaijin Corps were later revived again by Great General Darkness, the true leader of Delza Army. They disguised themselves as fake monsters in a Kamen Rider roadshow which was attended by the 7 Kamen Riders themselves. However, the Riders soon discover that the monsters onstage are in fact real and transform to fight them and save the crowd.


Kamen Rider Stronger

All Together! Seven Kamen Riders!!


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