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Revol Bugster is a Bugster formed from data of Commander Revol, a boss from the video game Bang Bang Shooting, and an antagonist in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.



Revol Bugster's video game, Bang Band Shooting, was mentioned to have been in development hell.

Emerging from a boy who had a fear of doctors named Yuki Kitami, Revol fought against Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and managed to fool the Rider using a duplicate while he snuck up behind him in his invisibility. However, he was noticed by Kamen Rider Snipe, who promptly shot and destroyed him.

Revol later emerged from Nico Saiba after she hit a high stress point. He attempted to challenge the Kamen Riders but was barred from it by Parado, who chained him to the ceiling to keep him out of the way.

Later, Revol appeared to protect Emu from Kamen Rider Brave, as Nico's grudge against Emu was a major source of her stress. When Kamen Rider Para-DX fought Ex-Aid, Revol attacked his ally in order to stop him from preventing his only route to becoming a complete Bugster. However, this caused Para-DX to kill Revol as punishment for interrupting his "fun". Revol's data was then collected by Kamen Rider Genm with the Gashacon Bugvisor.

Kamen Rider Chronicle

Revol Bugster was later used by Parado to complete Kamen Rider Chronicle. He appeared as an enemy within the game, attacking Ride-Players. He was later destroyed by Ride-Player Nico, making him the first Bugster to be defeated within the game.

Revol later reappeared when he was summoned by Masamune Dan after he became Super Gamedeus. He was killed off when Poppy sacrificed herself to disperse the vaccine for Gamedeus' virus.


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