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Have you lost yo' mind?!
~ Rex to Alyce
Rex is the main antagonist of the suspense film Alyce Kills (or simply called Alyce). He is a drug dealer who interacts with the film's protagonist, Alyce, frequently throughout the film. His relationship with Alyce was inspired by Alice's relationship to the Mad Hatter. He is portrayed by Eddie Rouse.

Rex first appears towards the beginning of the film, after Alyce and Carroll leave the social gathering at the restaurant because Carroll's boyfriend Vince was cheating on her with their acquaintance Renee. Carroll introduces Alyce to Rex, who gives the ecstasy, crack, and alcohol.

Carroll and Alyce go to Alyce's roof, while under the influence, and Carroll falls from the roof after Alyce accidentally pushes her. Alyce lies to the police to save herself and tells them Carroll was suicidal.

A terrified Alyce visits Rex again the next day, and he puts her on edge by playing a game of Russian Roulette with himself. She leaves, and kills Carroll in her hospital room.

She begins to visit Rex on a daily basis, and he convinces her to perform fellatio on him in exchange for drugs. Alyce is visibly disgusted with both him and herself, while Rex laughs about it with his suppliers March and Mouse.

Alyce loses her job for missing work days, and goes back to Rex, but instead of getting drugs, listens to him give a nihilistic, anti-sociological speech about how society is rigged against the poor.

Alyce visits Rex again at the end of the film, some time in the late very late afternoon. Rex lets her into his home, unaware that she is a homicidal maniac who has just finished killing both Vince and Renee in her apartment. Alyce hits him with a baseball bat, and in the process destroys a cocaine holder, much to Rex's anger. He hits her and tries to hold her captive in his house, but she shoots him with the gun he played Russian Roulette with earlier.


Rex being killed by Alyce

March attacks her, but she throws crack into his eyes, and overpowers him. Alyce murders both March and Mouse, before pointing the gun at a wounded Rex, who begs for his life, but Alyce places the final bullet into the gun, an homage to her earlier encounter with him, and clicks the gun three times before it finally fires.

Alyce takes a smoking break before dismembering the three corpses and puts them into garbage bags, which she brings back to her apartment, where she is confronted by police officers and the landlord.

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