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Rex is a recurring villain in the PBS Kids show Wild Kratts. He is Paisley Paver's henchman, a construction worker, and one of the Kratt Brothers' enemies. He is voiced by Cory Doran, who also voiced another Wild Kratts villain's sidekick, Dabio.


Paisley wanted to build a mega storage facility on Bear Island. To this end, Rex and Paisley tried to pave Bear Island but were foiled by the Kratt Brothers. Paisley wanted to build the world's tallest building in the Asian elephants' home. Paisley and Rex tried to but were defeated by the Kratt Brothers as Paisley Paver was splashed with mud. Paisley and Rex tried to kidnap scary animals for a Halloween attraction but failed. Paisley wanted to build a giant mall in the entire Amazonian rainforest. Paisley and Rex tried to do that along with Donita, Zach, and Gourmand but were defeated by the Kratt Brothers.


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