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Looking for someone?
~ Rex Fury upon meeting Chase McCain in LEGO City: Undercover.

Rex Fury is the central antagonist of the 2013 Lego City Undercover video game and the main antagonist of its prequel, Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins. He is one of LEGO City's most dangerous criminals, with his crime record dating back to when he was six years old. Two years before the events of Undercover, he was captured by Chase McCain and imprisoned on Albatross Island, but later escaped and started a crime wave in the city.


Rex Fury was a dangerous criminal, having committed a lot of robberies. The police, however, didn't have enough evidence to prove his guilt until a news reporter Natalia Kowalski testified against him anonymously. In The Chase Begins, he was captured by a rookie cop named Chase McCain and arrested by Deputy Dunby. However, Chase accidentally revealed Natalia's identity on TV, which resulted in him being reassigned to Brick County and Natalia put under witness protection.

About two years later, he escaped from the Albatross Prison, and Mayor Gleeson called Chase back to LEGO City, since neither the city nor Natalia were safe anymore. He is first encountered by McCain in Bluebell Mines, stealing explosives with his gang. He knocked out the officer easily and escaped.

Throughout the game he orders many robberies from LEGO City's crime boss Vinnie Pappalardo (whose gang Chase infiltrated undercover), including an emerald from LEGO City Bank, a T-Rex mech from the museum, and a fire boat. However, Rex soon after that sends his goons to take Vinnie down, presumably due to him attempting to rob Forrest Blackwell, Rex's new ally. Chase rescues Vinnie and infiltrates Rex's gang, helping his minions steal a crane from the construction site and a telescope from the observatory.

All these robberies were part of Forrest Blackwell's plan to destroy LEGO City for its people's "ungratefulness" to him. Rex is also revealed to be responsible for the disappearance of Henrik Kowalski, Natalia's father. Chase saves the professor and the city, but Blackwell and Rex escape to the Moon with Natalia as a prisoner. Chase pursues the villains, and confronts Rex Fury twice: first with him on the above mentioned T-Rex mech, and then in outer space and defeats the criminal both times. Enraged, Blackwell fires Rex and escapes the collapsing rocket alone. Rex also manages to break free for a while, but ends up crashing into someone's house and put behind bars once again.


While Rex Fury can't be called outright evil, he is definitely not a pleasant man to be accompanied by. He is notorious for dozens of robberies, and often uses physical force. Rex is violent not only towards the police officers he encounters, but to innocent people as well, as he had harmless Professor Kowalski locked up and tortured him (though harmlessly) to get the password for his UFO, and he froze Natalia so that nobody would learn the truth about him. He almost never talks politely to anyone, except for maybe his boss, and may even attempt to kill his opponents, as he tried it with Vinnie Pappalardo and McCain.

However, since Rex has been a criminal since his childhood, it's possible that his bad character is a result of his tough life. He may still have a soft side hidden somewhere, as he is implied to genuinely like dogs and doesn't actually seem to hate Natalia who testified against him.


  • According to Rex himself, he had wonderful teachers. It's unknown, however, what he learned from them.
  • Silver statues of Rex Fury in LEGO City Undercover may imply that he has a big ego.
  • Rex is similar to Snake Jailbird, both in design and character.
  • Rex might have came from a 'rough' family, given the fact he was a criminal since he was six years old.
  • In The Chase Begins when Gleeson was showing 2 pictures of him, he appears to be playing with a dog which indicates he must have a soft side for dogs.


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