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"Kita cari terus, gua hampirin semua!"
~ Reza's quote in Indonesian language when talking the plan to police commisioner.

Reza is a fictional character and the main antagonist of The Raid duology, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist in the 2011 film The Raid: Redemption and then appearing as the overarching antagonist in the 2014 sequel The Raid 2: Bernandal.

He is the corrupt deputy police commissioner of Jakarta who is secrectly involved with the city's biggest gangland figures such as drug lord Tama Riyadi, gang boss Bejo, crime kingpin Bangun, and Yakuza leader Goto. As such, Reza is the archenemy of protagonist Rama due to being the one who is directly responsible for all the events of both films; the first in which Rama's unit were sent to apprehend Tama when in reality Reza sought to kill the rogue Lieutenant Wahyu, and the second where Reza serves as the direct cause for Rama's undergoing in police undercover to infilitrate the criminal underworld in order to protect his family.

The character was portrayed by an Indonesian actor Roy Marten.


Reza is nothing more but a major influence in the Jakarta government due to being the city's deputy police commissioner. At somepoint, though, he became secrectly corrupt who got involved with multiple gangland bosses.

This continued to the point where he orchestrated a police raid at a fortified apartment where drug lord, Tama Riyadi, resides at along with his criminal operations. It initally appeared that police lieutenant Wahyu had authorized Sergeant Jaka and his unit to help apprehend Tama, but in reality Wahyu sought to eliminate Tama due to the latter's knowledge of the former's involvement with Reza's corruption. Ulimtately, though, Wahyu killed Tama not long after the latter's henchmen Mad Dog along with Jaka and 17 of his 19 unit members were all killed in the ensuing conflict. Before his death, though, Tama revealed that Reza had paid him to actually kill Wahyu for being a liability in his corrupt activities. Wahyu was then arrested by Jaka's surviving unit members Rama and his colleague Bowo.

Following the raid at Tama's apartment, Rama's brother Andi - also Tama's advisor - instructed him to meet up with the head of a police anti-corrupt clandestane operation: Bunawar. This happened later that night when Rama met Bunawar, who executed Wahyu and arranged for Bowo to get medical treatment. Bunawar then explained to Rama that Wahyu was a dead man anyway, as Reza would have him killed if Bunawar didn't do so himself; Rama argued that Wahyu could have been brought to justice for his betrayal, but Bunawar replied that Reza has grown too powerful in the police ranks to ever allow Wahyu to survive.

Bunawar then invites Rama to go undercover and expose Reza's involvement with the city's gangland kingpin Bangun and his Yakuza rival Goto respectively. Rama initially refused, but was later forced to do so when Bunawar informs him that Reza has had Bowo killed and that Andi was murdered by gang boss Bejo.

During his mission, Rama - under the alias Yuda - finds himself investigating Bangun's son Uco and their right-hand man Eka in order to discover any criminal sources that Reza is related to. It soon becomes clear that Reza is indeed affilated with Goto, but later on Bejo convinces Reza to betray Goto and help eliminate him along with Goto - that way both Bejo and Reza would become the city's newly-powerful gangland kingpins once they've eliminated Bangun and Goto respectively. Reza collaborates with Bejo's plan to manipulate Uco in sparking a gang war between the Bangun and Goto families respectively.

Soon enough, Reza learns that Rama has resurfaced and orders his men to kill him and hunt down his family; Rama is able to overcome Reza's attempts on his life. Eventually, Reza's betrayal towards Goto in favor of Bejo ultimately results in Uco killing Bangun and shooting Eka in the leg. Eka is later mortally wounded after rescuing Rama from Bejo's gang; then before he dies, Eka reveals that he too is an undercover policeman working for Bunawar - thereby hinting that Eka was likely being hunted down by Reza as well.

Later on, Bunawar informs Rama that Reza has gone to meet up with Uco and Bejo at the latter's restaurant to discuss their plans to eliminate Goto. After making Bunawar promise to keep his family safe whatever happens to him, Rama sets off to Bejo's restaurant and fights his way past through all his gang members in order to find Reza and kill him once and for all. As this happens, Reza is having dinner with Bejo and Uco; he and Bejo talk about their plans to eliminate Goto and his syndicate, when Reza notices Uco is silent and sarcastically tries to chat with him. Thereafter Bejo learns that Rama is fighting his way towards him; he sends his hitman The Assassin along with fellow enforcers Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat Man to kill Rama, but all three fail when Rama defeats and kills them in combat.

Eventually, Rama interrupts their meal and fights his way past Bejo's security. Bejo thereupon rushes to get shotguns for himself and Reza in order for them to kill Rama. However, as Bejo throws Reza a shotgun, Uco suddenly grabs it and points it at Reza; the latter could only react in shock and horror before Uco shoots Reza, killing him. Moments later, Uco betrays and kills Bejo before attempting to kill Rama himself - though Rama ultimately kills Uco in their showdown.

Afterwards, Rama begins to leave when he sees that Goto's son Keiichi and their bodyguard Ryuichi have some with their henchmen to neuterize Reza along with Bejo and Uco in a gang war; Rama tells him about Reza's death, which Bunawar also learns about, along with the fact that both Bejo and Uco are dead as well. It is most likely that Reza's corruption has been subsquently quashed once and for all.



  • Reza has around less than 10 minutes on-screen time in The Raid 2: Bernandal, despite playing the ultimate source for Rama's plighting conflict with Jakarta's criminal underworld.