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I crossed an ocean of stars looking for my son. I'm not going to let you get in my way now.
~ Rhea to Supergirl.
Welcome to New Daxam.
~ Rhea declaring her invasion of Earth.

Queen Rhea is one of the two main antagonists (along with Lillian Luthor) of Season 2 of the TV series Supergirl, and a posthumous antagonist in Season 3.

She is the tyrannical Daxamite queen, wife of King Lar Gand and the mother of Mon-El who desired to secure her rule over the planet Daxam by bringing him back. However, after he decided that Earth was his home alongside Supergirl, she killed her husband and secretly declared war against the Kryptonian by leading an invasion against Earth.

She was portrayed by Teri Hatcher, who also played The Beldam in Coraline, Becky Foxx in 2 Days in the Valley and Ms. Gradenko in Spy Kids.



Rhea was born on the planet Daxam and got married to Lar Gand, the king of the Daxamites, therefore becoming their queen. The two had a son named Mon-El and as suggested, Rhea had a close and affectionate relationship with him as he grew up. Whenever she put him to bed, he said that he would always love her. Unbeknownst to both Mon-El and Lar Gand, Rhea was highly unstable and was a deeply power-hungry and hypocritical sociopath who desire to run the family her way.

During Krypton's destruction, Daxam was hit with a debris of Kryptonite and forced both Rhea and Lar Gand to flea the planet as well as an assortment of other Daxamites aboard their prime ship, while believing that Mon-El had perished. Before leaving the planet, Rhea had gathered up much of the Kryptonite debris as she could and carried it across the galaxy. Due to being exposed to it for so long, the Green Kryptonite began to become infused in her blood but she neglected to reveal that to anyone.

They survived off-world for years and eventually learned that Mon-El was still alive. The two searched relentlessly for Mon-El from the space region known as the Well of Stars to the planet Maaldoria, where they learned from one of the Dominator ambassadors that he was on Earth. They then journey to Earth, where they quickly realized that the planet's yellow sun was having a positive effect on them.

Reuniting with Mon-El

Rhea and Lar Gand reuniting with Mon-El.

When they began to settle in the atmosphere of the planet, they sent a message to Earth and demanded that he be returned to them, believing that he was being held against his will. When Supergirl flew to their ship, they assumed she was going to attack them and prepared the ship's weapons to fire on her.

However, Mon-El quickly sent a message to stand down and that he would give himself to them. They then transported both him and Kara onto the ship where both Rhea and Lar Gand greeted Mon-El after finally being reunited. The four had dinner and Rhea told Mon-El of their trials in trying to find him, praising the fact that he managed to survive. The conversation became sour when some moral debating exchange started since both Mon-El and Kara had freed slaves on Maaldoria, sarcastically praising the Kryptonian's 'typical' heroics. They then revealed to their son that Daxam's atmosphere had become hospitable once more and they were going to return so they could rebuild their society again. However, Kara and Mon-El excused themselves back to Earth.

Thinking that Kara was having a "bad influence" on Mon-El, Rhea went to speak with her at the DEO, wanting her to convince him about reclaiming his birthright as Daxam's prince. She told Kara that him staying would only be cruel reminder that he's not good enough for her. She even brought up Mon-El's royalty which Kara despised him for and that going back to Daxam is best for him. After Mon-El returned to the ship, they believed he was joining them in returning to Daxam. But he instead told them that he was staying, telling them to leave. Enraged, Rhea accused Kara for his behavior but he angrily told her that Kara made him to be better in life, explaining how both of them don't actually care about their fellow Daxamites at all. He then left the ship, leaving Rhea and Lar Gan to angrily go over what just happened. Afterwards, believing that Kara being out of the picture would convince Mon-El to change his mind, Rhea placed a bounty on her head to kill her.

Descent in Lunacy

When the bounty hunters started attacking Kara, Mon-El called them to Al's Dive Bar where he worked, surprising Rhea. After he questioned them about the bounty, both of them denied any knowledge of it and that Kara's job as Supergirl draws a lot of enemies. He then questioned why they were still on Earth, they both explained that they hoped he would change his mind. Later on, Rhea was called to the Fortress of Solitude by Kara and Mon-El, who revealed that they know Rhea was the one who issued the bounty after one of the hunters ratted her out. Although the two tried to appeal to Rhea to let Mon-El stay on Earth because he found happiness, she claimed that he found it from Kara and that it was over. She then revealed her Kryptonite weapons due to the amount that Daxam was littered with. Just as she was about to kill Kara, Mon-El stopped her and pleaded for his mother to spare her life if he comes home willingly, which she agreed upon. After arriving on board, Rhea confessed to Lar Gand about issuing the bounty and defended her actions about trying to get their son back.

Rhea killing her husband.

Mon-El tried to reason with his father about changing how they ruled Daxam, Rhea slapped him into silence and had him locked in a cell, hoping the distance from Kara would relinquish her "influence" over him during the four year journey home. She ordered to take off as soon as possible in the hopes of finally leaving Earth. Before they could leave, Kara returned to the ship and incapacitated her guards. After fighting her and becoming shocked that the Kryptonite wasn't weakening her, she unveiled herself as Martian Manhunter in disguise. Soon, the real Kara arrived to help and fought Rhea while Lar Gand confronted Manhunter. When she had Kara pinned down and was ready to kill her, Mon-El ruptured the ship's window and sucked out the weapons before Lar Gand could seal it. Lar Gand then halted the fighting, seeing that Mon-El made his choice much to Rhea's outrage. After they returned to Earth, Rhea confronted her husband about it who claimed that their son wouldn't be happy with his parents like he is on Earth. Rhea refused to accept this and although he said he would always be by her side, she stabbed and killed him for his "betrayal", vowing vengeance against Kara and Earth for apparently turning her son against her.

Manipulating Lena Luthor

Planning to invade Earth and establish the planet as the Daxamite's new world, Rhea began working to create a portal to bring her forces there. Hearing about Lena Luthor and her company L-Corp because of the technology it possessed, Rhea met with Lena in her office. After expressing condolences for her ex-boyfriend Jack Spheer's death, Rhea told Lena about a business proposal for her. Rhea gave her schematics for a transmatter portal which caught Lena's interest as it had a large amount of implications and benefits. Explaining how she was keeping things from her about the project, Rhea said she would share if Lena was interested, which she was. Over dinner, they exchanged about family and had a mutual agreement about how sour relationships can be, comparing how Lena's relationship with her mother Lillian is similar to hers with Mon-El's. Rhea was called to Lena's office and told about her thumb print was needed to arrange security, only for the device to give off a red flashing. This proved that Rhea was alien and Lena refused to build anything for her, telling her to leave her office.

Rhea manipulating Lena into building a portal for her invasion plot.

Irritated how posing as a human didn't work, Rhea quickly decided that revealing who she is could change her mind by adding some half-truths. Rhea teleported herself to Lena's balcony and told her that she lied to about what she was since she didn't know if she shared the same views of aliens as her mother does. She explains that the portal device was genuine and felt that she could build a portal for her planet, lying that she would use it to get home. She then left Lena to reconsider, which she had. After the two went for dinner upon working on the portal, Rhea encouraged Lena to look more into the portal since she was upset about it not working, telling her that she'll see her in the morning. After leaving the restaurant, Mon-El spotted her but she quickly lost him and he thinks he might've just been seeing things. Later, when a circuit blew and the portal shut down, Lena grew frustrated and Rhea told her not to let herself be so affected by setbacks. When Lena starts thinking that her brother Lex would've got the portal working by then, Rhea told her she was trying to solve the problem like he would've: with more power. They both then realize that they needed to make sure that the energy was stable but didn't overload the machine.

When Lena finally made progress, her phone started ringing and Rhea answered it to find Kara calling. She threatens Kara about what happens to Earth now is because of her interfering with her family. She was not surprised when Mon-El told her stop all this since he would be with her. After he asked why she's still on Earth, she told him that was here to wake him up before hanging up. Lena then told her that the portal was ready and they would begin the final test, pleasing Rhea. Lena then realized that success meant that Rhea would be leaving and she wasn't ready to say goodbye to her just yet. Rhea told her that Lena was someone that any mother would be proud to call a daughter and told her that no matter what happened, she had grown fond of her. Rhea then went and activated the portal to Lena's confusion and shock. Just as the portal activated, Kara, J'onn and Mon-El arrived. Once Lena was knocked aside, Kara tried to shut the portal down and Rhea used a device procured by the White Martians that mentally trapped him in a perpetual nightmare. Mon-El aimed a gun at her filled with lead bullets, but she told him that he wouldn't do it because he was a hero on Earth. He told her to stop but Rhea told him about his childhood promise before lying about his father's death, claiming that him staying drove him to suicide. This made Mon-El falter and hundreds of ships carrying thousands of Daxamites spread across the universe start arriving through the portal. She reveals her plan to make Earth their new home, New Daxam, and then had the two of them and Lena teleported back to the ship.

Invasion and Death

As the invasion begun, Rhea had Lena moved to a nice room so she could try and explain herself when she woke up, but as Lena awoke, she refused to listen to anything she said. She tried convincing Lena that Supergirl hurt her but Lena wasn't falling for it, knowing that Supergirl was trying to stop her but she should've been the one to do so. Rhea promised her full potential that Earth couldn't provide her with. She then visited Mon-El who was watching in horror as the invasion unfolded, and she explained that she intended on reshaping Earth into what Daxam once was with the aid of her kind's wealthiest and influential as well as build great pyramids like the ones on Daxam. Mon-El guessed that she would force the humans to build them and that they won't allow that to happen. She told him that she planned on forging a connection with humans through the Daxamite tradition of marital union by having him marry a prominent human, Lena.

Rhea was contacted by U.S. President Olivia Marsdin who demanded her to end her invasion and leave Earth, but Rhea refused and was not intimidated by her threat of retaliation from the entire planet. They were then interrupted by Cat Grant who mocked Rhea's position and power. Annoyed by the threats, Rhea ordered her ship to fire on Air Force One but this failed when Supergirl saved Cat and the President emerged unscathed. Rhea was later confronted by Lena and Mon-El who both refused to get married. Rhea insisted otherwise and that they would produce an heir, and although Lena refused to do that as well, Rhea revealed that she collected her hair while she was asleep. She threatened them that they would spend the rest of their lives in a cell after they married. When the two of them still refused, Rhea then brought up an image of a Children's Hospital that Lena had funded and told her that if they refused then it would be the first of many that she would destroy. The two of them then surrendered to her demands.

Rhea trying to have Lena marry Mon-El.

Once Rhea gathered her loyal Daxamite followers to witness the marriage, Lena and Mon-El reluctantly stood before her as she began the ceremony. However, before she could finish with the wedding, Cat began transmission to National City. She told the people to resist Rhea's armies and warned the unhinged queen that she had no idea the kind of people she made enemies with. Enraged, Rhea commanded a squad to hunt her down and then had both Mon-El and Lena taken away so she could focus on the resistance within the city. She was soon confronted by Supergirl who tried to reason with Rhea about stopping while there's still a chance for her people. Rhea refused to concede to defeat and that Supergirl was wasting her time, revealing that she killed her husband for "betraying" her and she wouldn't falter to her words. She then watched as Supergirl was surprise attacked by Superman, who was under her control through Silver Kryptonite after he confronted her just before Supergirl arrived. The two then fought in National City when Superman was finally released of Rhea's control.

Rhea was preparing to launch another wave of assaults against National City when Kara contacted her and demanded the right of Dakkum Ur or trial by combat. Should Kara win then Rhea must take her ships and leave Earth, but should Rhea win, then Kara won't interfere with her plans. Rhea accepted the challenge, knowing that she would have an advantage thanks to her blood being secretly fused with Green Kryptonite.

Queen Rhea's well deserved death.

They both arrived at the site for their duel, where Supergirl brought Mon-El. Just as they started the fight, Rhea immediately order her army to attack the city, horrifying Mon-El about how it would shame herself in the face of their gods. Rhea defended herself by saying her invasion is justified. Kara continued fighting Rhea while Mon-El left to help defend the city. Rhea goaded Kara into attacking her but as she followed through, Rhea started bleeding and revealed her blood. This severely weakened Kara and Rhea moved in for the kill. However, Kara blocked her attacked and overpowered her. Rhea remained confident, insisting that her armies will keep coming until victory is assured. Mon-El then arrived and after they learned that every school, hospital and municipal building in the city has been targeted, Kara reluctantly activated a device as a last resort which released lead into the atmosphere and render it toxic for Daxamites. Rhea quickly began to feel the effects much like her army, which quickly retreated to their ships and left the planet, stranding her. As she began to feel weaker, Rhea tried to reach out for Mon-El to save her. However, Mon-El glared at her through his own pain from the toxicity, asked her if he should save her like she save his father, revealing that Kara told him what she had done. Rhea then succumbed to the lead and her body disintegrated, ending her tyranny over Daxamites and her threat towards Earth forever.



  • The actress, Teri Hatcher, also portrayed Lois Lane in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.
  • There are two characters in the DC Comics named Rhea, although none of them are related to this version: The Titan revered as the Goddess of Earth, a supporting character of Donna Troy from the New Teen Titans comic book series, who is an adaptation of the aforementioned deity, and Rhea Jones, the electromagnetic heroine Lodestone, a member of Doom Patrol.
  • Like Non, Rhea's portrayal as the season's main antagonist was criticized by both critics and fans, continuing their streak of poorly received main antagonists until Reign's introduction in the following season.
  • Rhea is one of the most cruel major villains on the TV series, alongside Indigo and Selena.

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