The Rhino Imagin is an Imagin and an antagonist in Kamen Rider Den-O.


The Rhino Imagin made a contract with a karate fighter named Shinji, who wished to be the best karate master in Tokyo. To fulfill his host's wish, Rhino attacked all of Shinji's former competitors. Rhino later travels to the past and destroys the karate arena He is confronted by Den-O, who fights him in Sword Form. Rhino initially has the upper hand in the fight until Kintaros forms a contract with Ryotaro, turning Den-O into Ax Form and turning the tide of the battle. The Imagin's mace was destroy by Den-O, before destroying the Imagin the Dynamic Chop. Rhino then reforms into Gigandeath Hell but is destroyed by DenLiner Rekkou.


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