Rhoga and Thudd are two bumbling dinosaurs who work with Ogthar and the secondary antagonists in Dinotopa: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone.

The duo were voiced by Kathy Griffin and Wayne Knight.


Rhoga and Thudd are both greedy, bitter dinosaurs. While Rhoga is the brains of the duo, she lets Thudd do most of the grunt work. Thudd is Rhoga's dimwitted companion and makes up for his lack of intelligence with brawn.


Rhoga and Thudd are a pair of mean, troublemaking dinosaurs who are always up to no good. Tired of picking up after other dinosaurs, they abandon their job and search for treasure with the use of a map Rhoga stole. During their search, they discover the Ruby Sunstone and unintentionally release Ogthar from his stone prison. Rhoga and Thudd are then enlisted by Ogthar to help him conquer Dinotopia at the promise of gaining riches for their services. Under orders of their new master, the two dinosaurs kidnap the dinosaur eggs from the Hatchery that are needed to form Ogthar's army and return to Ogthar's cavern, but are pursued by the protagonists along the way.

During the final battle, Rhoga and Thudd chase after the heroes to get rid of them, but both are outsmarted and contained.

It is revealed during the credits that they were eventually freed and arrested for their crimes of assisting Ogthar by working in the rock pile at the Dinotopia prison.

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