Rhynocs are common rhinoceros-like enemies in the Spyro videogame franchise.

The Rhynocs are a race of rhino-like creatures that are natives to the Forgotten Worlds and common enemies in Spyro: Year of the Dragon under the command of the Sorceress.

After a thousand years, the Sorceress found a way to employ the Rhynocs (as well as other creatures), much like how Gnasty Gnorc did. She made the Rhynocs her henchmen and used them to fight off Spyro and to capture all the dragon eggs. The artificial creatures are semi-immortal, they live forever as the same soul, though if they die, the Sorceress must bring them back. Chances are that genuine Rhynocs lived in the Forgotten Worlds before the fake ones (Gnorcs).

After the Sorceress' defeat, the Rhynocs discovered that they had no sole purpose, even when serving the Sorceress, until they were employed by Grendor. Grendor gave them new life by giving back their crystals; he sent them also to fight off Spyro. After Grendor's defeat, the Rhynocs once again felt unneeded and useless, until employed by Ripto.

Ripto controlled the Rhynocs when not using his army of Riptocs, and after stealing the Professor's Laboratory. Rhynocs have not been seen since.


Rhynoc Subspecies

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

  • Coward Rhynocs
  • Big Chicken Club Rhynocs
  • Winged Rhynocs
  • Thunder Rhynocs
  • Ice Pick Rhynocs
  • Big Hunters
  • Small Hunters
  • Swimming Rhynocs
  • Seashell Rhynocs
  • Rhynoc Sailors
  • Jackhammer Rhynocs
  • Hammer Rhynocs
  • Shooting Rhynoc
  • Lantern Rhynocs
  • Gladiator Rhynocs
  • Gardener Rhynocs
  • Ghost Rhynocs
  • Flying Ghost Rhynocs
  • Hot Coal Rhynocs
  • Club Rhynocs
  • Ninja Rhynocs
  • Shooting Ninja Rhynocs
  • Rhynoc Archer
  • Spear Rhynocs
  • Fireworks Rhynocs
  • Umbrella Rhynocs

Spyro: Season of Ice

  • Fleeing Rhynoc
  • Rhynoc Parrotkeepers
  • Mama Rhynoc
  • Beezooka Rhynocs
  • RoboRhynocs
  • Club Rhynocs
  • Boulder-tossing Rhynocs
  • Blue Rhynoc Chargers
  • Rhynoc Pirouetters
  • Green Rhynoc Chargers
  • Cannon Rhynocs
  • Bouncing Rhynoc
  • Dynamite-tossing Rhynoc
  • Electric Wire Rhynocs
  • Lavender Rhynoc Chargers
  • Rocket-firing Rhynocs
  • Rhynoc Zappers
  • Rhynoc Riflemen
  • Rhynoc Vulturekeepers
  • Jetpack Rhynoc

Spyro: Season of Flame

  • Rhynoc Wizards
  • Rhynoc Scarecrows
  • Billy-club Rhynoc
  • Eight-ball Rhynoc
  • Balance-ball Rhynoc
  • Imitation-dragon Rhynoc
  • Boulder-tossing Rhynoc
  • Boomerang Rhynocs
  • Mummy Rhynocs
  • Grenadier Rhynoc
  • Rocket Launcher Rhynoc
  • Cleaner Rhynoc
  • Frisbee-throwing Rhynoc
  • Rhynoc Chemists
  • Sewer Rhynocs
  • Mummy Rhynocs
  • Snowball-throwing Rhynocs
  • Stone Rhynocs
  • Pogo-stick Rhynoc
  • Grenade Rhynoc
  • Rhynoc Robots
  • Flying Saucer Rhynoc
  • Jetpack Rhynoc

Known Rhynocs



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