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Villain Overview

I had thought that the man who killed Ou Ki would have been of a far greater caliber."
"Quite the opposite. It is precisely I am such a small man that I was able to win. It is because I am a coward that I dedicate so much myself to petty little schemes. I will gladly resort to anything , even underhanded methods if it means we can emerge unharmed. The level of detail in my plans correlates directly to how much of a coward I am.
~ Ri Boku's discussion with Ryo Fui during their first meeting.
Even if you were to unleash every single one of Qin's generals at me simultaneously, they would still not be a match for I, Ri Boku!!
~ To the courts of Qins.

Ri Boku is a central and recurring antagonist of the popular historical seinen manga and anime series Kingdom. He is one of the leading military figures of the current era of the Warring States Era and was the leader of the second generation of Three Great Heavens before becoming a fugitive on the run after being ousted from the courts of Zhao for his failure on preventing the armies of Qin led by General Ou Sen from taking the critically important city of Gyou. He is currently residing as a guest in the Zhao city of Seika ruled by his old acquaintance, Shi Ba Shou.

In the Japanese anime, he is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa who has provided the voices for Naraku from Inuyasha , Yoshikage Kira from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part IV: Diamond Is UnbreakableLord Boros from One-Punch ManMard Geer Tartaros from Fairy TaleSephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, and Griffith from Berserk.


It's enough to make your heart bleed. This is why I dislike warfare. However, one cannot open a path with sentiment alone.
~ Ri Boku to Kaine, one of his right hands.

A humble and kind person, Ri Boku neither cares about fame nor glory which he stated to Ryo Fui and the courts of Qin during his visit to Kanyou. Further explaining that he is not the type of man who wishes to stand above others and being appointed by the people and the state is a heavy responsibility in itself. Preferring instead to return to the countryside and protect the lands with his comrades while building himself a family, raise sheep, and leisurely spend his days till old age.

However while on the battlefield, Ri Boku is efficiently ruthless in his machinations and schemes as he is willing to use anything for a complete victory over his opponents. He is also shown to be quite arrogant, a trait shared with many talented characters in the series, as he is confident he will always prevail.


Once upon a time, there was someone with those vengeful eyes, just like yours. The difference was that he was a man. He was around your age too. Just like you, he lost his parents in a war... he even lost his brothers on the battlefield. He became angry... and his anger spread among those of his age in his battalion. He ignored the orders from their captain and recklessly attacked the enemy's base. He went into a trance and his podao did not stop killing. Even though he was slashed by swords and pierced by spears and arrows, he continued to ride across the battlefield slaying enemies with his podao. By the time, he came back to his senses, the head of the enemy general was already on the ground. However, there was no replay. Everyone died. His cousin, his neighbor, his best friend... none of them survived. He did not feel any sense of satisfaction for avenging his family... he felt something that he never felt before in his life... loss...
~ Ri Boku to Kaine.

In his youth, Ri Boku lost half his entire family through the strife of war. Consumed by a bottomless sense of rage, he lost further friends and family in an unknown war after goading his battalion into recklessly charging into the heart of the enemy army. While he succeeded in killing the enemy commander, he was the sole survivor. 

Meeting Hou Ken and Learning about the Bushins

I have nothing left... My parents... brothers... friends and comrades... All lost... to the flames of war... I let them die... I have nothing left...
~ A younger Ri Boku to Hou Ken after meeting him.

After surviving as the last remaining soldier of his unit, Ri Boku was chased by enemy soldiers deep into a forested mountain. Half dead from massive blood loss and delirious from exhaustion, Ri Boku would encountered the mysterious figure, Hou Ken.

Ri Boku and Hou Ken's First Meeting Kingdom.jpg

While the cloaked figure initially threatened him with death for crossing his path, he spared Ri Boku after learning that he had lost his will to live. Hou Ken then spoke of the gods, which he cryptically referred to as the "voices of the earth", told him that he still has a role to play and would be his guide to the answer he sought. Later, Ri Boku wakes up and finds himself somehow to be healed of injuries and wonders to himself if that man he saw was even real but upon seeing the number of corpses everywhere, which were his pursuers slain, he realizes that was no dream. Afterward, Ri Boku left and distanced himself from the Zhao military due to weariness from the constant battles and decided to investigate the mysterious tribe known as Bushin. After meeting at least one of their number, who focused on meditating, Ri Boku would learn more about their history despite being treated with some contempt as an outsider.

Return to the Battlefield

Having grown from the days of recklessly charging into enemy battalions and his experiences with the Bushin, a now wiser Ri Boku would eventually return to the military after learning to value the lives of his subordinates and became more patient as a commander.

Ri Boku meeting Kei Sha for the first time.

Within the next fifteen to twenty years before the start of the series, he would meet a young orphan by the name of Kei Sha, who had managed to beat one of his students in a local mock strategy tournament. Seeing the young boy's talent and potential, Ri Boku would take him underneath his wing and mold him into one of his most trusted vassals as he taught him everything related to tactics, strategy, and martial combat.

A younger Ri Boku present during the aftermath of the Rigan and Anka conflict.

Sometime later, Ri Boku would be present in the aftermath of a conflict between the western Zhao cities of Rigan and Anka as he witnessed the truce and prisoner exchange. It would be there that he would learn the name of Ki Sui, a raising prodigy in the Zhao military. As the years passed, Ri Boku would slowly climb his way through the ranks of the Zhao military and eventually become a Great General although his feats remained relatively unknown outside of the northern parts of Zhao. During his time in the north, he would meet Ba Nan Ji, a northern born Zhao warrior infamous for his berserker-like passion and viciousness in combat and Shun Sui Ju, a mysterious young man with ties to the nomadic raiders of the north, both of whom would swear their loyalty to him as they fought against the tribal confederation of nomadic raiders known as the Xiongnu who were well known for the brutal raids on the northern Zhao people. Ri Boku's name would soon become one of immense fear due to his use of tactics that would one sidedly slaughter all his opponents down to last man and assassination tactics that targeted vulnerable commanders in the midst of a battlefield.


Ri Boku/Li Mu

Ri Boku/Li Mu as he appears in the one shot.

Years later, Ri Boku would be stationed at Gan Mon province during his tenure as a general for the area and would meet a young teenage girl by the name of Kaine, a brash girl. Initially, she did not like him due to his passive strategies of retreating and evacuation drills he would practice with the villagers instead of facing Xiongnu head-on in battle. Deciding she had enough of his cowardly attitude she broke ranks and demanded that the castle gates be opened after hearing some Xiongnu mock them for being cowards. Upon seeing this, Ri Boku was forced to strike her unconscious and imprison her for a day to prevent her from recklessly risking her life. Over time, she soon came to realize that Ri Boku himself had suffered the same past as her; having been orphaned in a war and losing his brothers and of how his reckless pursuit of revenge resulted in his entire battalion being wiped out. Instead of choosing to remain the path of revenge, he chose to become a strategist in order to save as many lives as he can. While believing that Kaine still resented Ri Boku, her friend Zhao reported to Zhao capital of Kanten that Ri Boku was neglecting his duties and as a result, he was recalled back to Kanten for questioning and was replaced by yet another hot-headed commander. The result is devastating, Gan Mon Castle was overrun, the replacement general was killed, the majority of Zhao's forces in the region were killed, and refugees were forced to flee south. In the aftermath of a battle, Zhao was killed and besides Kaine, there were only a handful of survivors. Meanwhile, Kaine was wounded, regretting what Ri Boku's exile did to Gan Mon. Soon after Zhao and her comrades were buried, Ri Boku returned and started anew; much to Kaine and the survivors' relief. Some time afterward, Ri Boku and Kaine were able to amass enough skilled soldiers to wipe out the next army of Xiongnu raiders.

Battle of Bayou Arc

Ri Boku, has arrived!.png

Now then! Everyone! Ri Boku has arrived!!
~ Ri Boku after arriving at the Battle of Bayou.

On the fourth day of the Qin/Zhao War at Bayou, Ri Boku arrives on the scene with his aide and vassal, Kaine to obverse the ongoing battle. Making their way towards an abandoned watch tower where they meet Mou Ki, Ka Ryo Ten, and their fellow strategist students.

Alliance Arc

A War of the Courts.jpg

How unfortunate for you...That I will not die here.
~ Ri Boku to Shin.

After the death of the Monstrous Bird of Qin, Ou Ki at the Battle of Bayou, a year has passed and Ri Boku has become a symbol of the Zhao military as he leads a battle against the state of Yan and defeats them in a one-sided battle. And it is later revealed that he has appointed the position of prime minister due to his achievements and his popularity among the common people. Among his first duties as prime minister he is ordered by Tou Jou, the king of Zhao, to personally visit the state of Qin's capital, Kanyou in order to negotiate the released of one the king' favorite male lovers, Shun Pei Kun as he was kidnapped under the orders of Ryo Fui, the Chancellor of the Right of Qin who had blackmailed the king with a latter that said if he wanted the safe return of Shun Pei Kun he would have to order his prime minister to personally come and retrieve him. After receiving the king's orders, Ri Boku's vassals start to panic as it is obviously a trap set up by Ryo Fui and plead with their master that he should wait as they try to talk the king out of sending him but with the threat of being executed under treason if he should refuse and the curiosity of wanting to meet Ryo Fui, the man that holds the true power in the state of Qin, and visiting the Qin capital, Ri Boku decides that he will go while not showing a single hint of fear while remembering the tale of the heroic tale of the brave Zhao king, Bu Rei.


Sanyou Campaign Arc

Coming Soon

Sanyou Aftermath Arc

So long as you continue to believe that acquiring territory is all there is to warfare, you will never be able to defeat me in this life.
~ Ri Boku to Shin.

With the shocking news of Great General Ren Pa being defeat by the Mou Gou Army during the state of Qin's campaign for the state of Wei's regions of Sanyou, Ri Boku states that the entire continent could be stirring into action depending on what Qin does next. After Sanyou is renamed "Tougun" and realizing Qin's intention to expand its borders, Ri Boku orders General Kou Son Ryuu to muster an army and call both Man Goku and Ri Haku. His intention was to attack the state of Yan with an army of 100,000 Zhao troops with Hou Ken as the Commander-in-Chief.

Coalition Invasion Arc

Go Hou Mei: Just how far are you planning on taking this war?
Ri Boku: Until the state of Qin has been utterly destroyed.
~ Go Hou Mei and Ri Boku

Later, he met with Shun Shin Kun at the Chu/Qin border to discuss the coalition initiative, Seeing Shin at their location, he apologizes for his presence there and challenges the boy to a duel, saying he will reveal his plans if Shin defeats him. Knocking back Shin, he comments on his growth before leaving to visit the King of Wei.

During the Battle of Kankoku Pass, Riboku was stationed with the commander in chief of the coalition army, Shun Shin Kun, and was moving the strings behind the scenes. With the events of the 15th day and Qin's momentum, Ri Boku suggested that the coalition army should withdraw their forces and reconsider their strategy. During the night, Ri Boku secretly departed the HQ with unknown direction, leaving only one request: All army generals should pick 1000 elite soldiers and have them follow Ri Boku's trail.

Two days later, as the Qin officials were discussing their next move that would ensure their victory, news came to the capital that an unknown army was attacking city after city in the southern pass, slowly making their way to Kanyou. To everyone's surprise, it was soon revealed that this army was lead by no other than Ri Boku himself.

During the Battle of Sai, Ri Boku sieged the city of Sai for six days and nights, relentlessly, but due to the citizens' high morale, the city wouldn't fall. On the seventh day, his army finally managed to breach the city gates, but it was then when the Yo Tan Wa Army arrived at king Ei Sei's aid. Ri Boku realized he couldn't confront the mighty mountain warriors and have enough strength remaining to capture Kanyou, so he sounded the retreat.

After reuniting with the rest coalition generals, they led their armies against the state of Qi. The Coalition Army managed to conquer some minor cities but was forced to disband due to general Mou Bu's assault.

Conspiracy in the Court Arc


Ri Boku's Exile.png

We're entering a period of domestic strife. Warfare is directly linked to politics. A defeat in war often leads to interior conflict breaking out within the courts.
~ Ri Boku to his young vassals, Kaine and Fu Tei.

After the Coalition War, Ri Boku was blamed by Tou Jou the king of Zhao for his failure as leader of the state's military. As a result, the former prime minister was stripped of his title and exiled in the small city of Domei, near the Zhao-Wei borders. There, along with Fu Tei and Kaine, he helped the locals with their labor while planning his next moves.

State of Ai Arc

Coming Soon

Koku You Campaign Arc & Bureaucrats Job Arc

I swear to you now, Kei Sha...I shall avenge you with my own hands!
~ Ri Boku after the Battle of Koku You Hills.

After the Qin's victory over the Battle of Koku You Hill, Ri Boku is shown with Shun Sui Ju and Ba Nan Ji, two mysterious generals of Zhao. While he was pleased to have discover the supposed weakness of Kan Ki Ri Boku also was angry and saddened at the news of his protégé Kei Sha death’s and vowed revenge with his own hands. A few weeks later Ri Boku was dispatched to escort Ou Ken, King of Qi. After meeting up with the Qi king, Ei Sei met up with him. Not wasting time, he offered something that nobody expected: a 7-nation alliance, which was equal in terms. But Sei declined, leading him to issue a threat to the King of Qin that as long as he was present, the unification was in vain, and left Kanyou.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc

Coming Soon

Zhao In Crisis Arc

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War of the Three States Arc

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Antagonistic Relationships

Powers and Abilities

There's no way some pen pusher who relies only on strategy would've been able to defeat General Ou Ki!! As I thought, You're...a true monster with both intellect and fighting skills.
~ Shin on Ri Boku after exchanging blows.

Ri Boku's Muscles.jpg

  • Fighting Abilities: While preferring to take tactical approaches on the battlefield with his brilliant use of strategical warfare, Ri Boku is a peerless warrior in hand to hand combat due to spending years on countless battlefields. As proof of his battlefield and combat experience, he has an impressive build of a hardened warrior with numerous scars across his body.
    • Swordsmanship: With superb proficiency, Ri Boku demonstrated his incredible ability as a master swordsman during his brief bout with Ri Shin as he sent the young man reeling during their duel after matching and overpowering him in terms of power and speed. Later on in the series, he has furthered shown his abilities after he furiously beheaded the large Left Hand of Ou Sen and general, Ma Kou, in a single strike, deflected multiple fired arrows without looking, and bisected an assassin in half.
    • Podao Expertise: Before abandoning the use of it, Ri Boku was a master in wielding in the pole arm weapon known as the podao in his youth, having killed multiple enemy soldiers while beheading their general instantly in the midst of a battlefield. 
  • Assassination Skills: Since his days of fighting the Xiongnu on the border of Gan Mon, Ri Boku has been a master of assassination tactics as he would wait for the right moment when his opponents are vulnerable to completely surprise them with a swift strike to their throat.
  • Genius Tactician: A genius tactician with practical experience in strategy, Ri Boku served as the state of Zhao's greatest tactician and strategist after the legendary Rin Shou Jo. With his opening debut to central China, he demonstrated his ability as he fully utilized the northern Zhao cavalry's quality as skilled horsemen and Ou Ki's experience as a central plains General to his full advantage after thoroughly researching his military career during the Battle of Bayou. 
    • Information Manipulation: Ri Boku is adept at manipulating information flow. 
    • Enhanced Investigation: Utilizing his own talents in gathering information, Ri Boku will thoroughly and methodically research and investigate his opponent's military records, strengths, and possible weaknesses to predict their actions.
  • Leadership: As one of Three Great Heavens Ri Boku is a living symbol of the Zhao Military. It was noted that after his victory in the Battle of Bayou he became extremely popular among the common folk. The loyalty of his vassals runs so deep that many of them are ready to sacrifice their lives for him. With a leadership stat of 99, Ri Boku ranks among the best leaders in the series.
  • Architecture Skills: Possessing amazing architectural keenness, Ri Boku created an elaborate multi-layered defense of castles and forts throughout the formerly empty western parts of Zhao and intentionally modified the strategically important Retsubi, with hidden faults that make it difficult to defend.
  • Enhanced Perception: Armed with an astute sense of warfare, Ri Boku was able to see through Shou Hei Kun's Sanyou Campaign as a potentially checkmating move against the entirety 7 warring states.
  • Political Intuition
  • Overwhelming Influence: Serving as his state's leading military figure and as the Prime Minister, Ri Boku holds a great amount of influence and power among the 7 states of China. Even after his falling out with the courts of Zhao, his tactics and strategies are still being used.


  • While he never takes a martial role in warfare, Ri Boku is one of the strongest hand-to-hand combatants in the series.
  • Ri Boku is one of the youngest Great Generals in the series as he's around his mid 30s to early 40s.



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