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Villain Overview

Oh? Then who, may I ask, Shall be the one to slay me? Will it Kan Ki? Mou Bu? Tou? Or perhaps even Ou Sen? Don't Make Me Laugh. Are you telling me you hope to unify the Middle Kingdom with eyes as blind yours, Chief Shou Hei Kun? Those Qin generals that you hold in such high regard...It would seem not a single one of you has even the slightest inkling of just how much a power gap exist between their likes and I, Ri Boku!! So allow me to take this chance to make it clear in term even you can understand! Even if you were to unleash every single one of Qin's generals at me simultaneously, they would still not be a match for I, Ri Boku!! If, even despite that, You still intend to do battle with us, then so be it! However! If you have learned nothing else from today, At least remeber this! Zhao shall Never Fall! The Ones to perish from this War Shall be Qin!!
~ Ri Boku to Shou Hei Kun and the courts of Qins.
If you were but a simple strategist, there would be no need to kill you. Of course, you are no mere strategist. Neither do I mind you declaring yourself to be a coward. That is not something which demonstrates the caliber of a man. Your claims having no desires is probably true. Normally, an entity of greed such myself would view people like you as nothing more than a piddling existence...Yet for some reason instead, I feel you project a fearsome greatness.
~ Ryo Fui to Ri Boku.

Ri Boku is a central antagonist and major protagonist of the popular historical seinen anime and manga series, Kingdom. He is a Great General in the Zhao Military, the former leader now sole member of the Three Great Heavens, and leader of the elite eponymously named Ri Boku Army. With his incredible use of carefully crafted strategies and overwhelming tactics, Ri Boku is the State of Zhao’s strongest Great General and one of the greatest tacticians in all of China. He is one of the leading military figures of the current era of the Warring States due to masterminding the deaths of General Ou Ki and Geki Shin, the Savior of Yan, legendary warriors famed throughout China for decades, orchestrating and organizing the creation of the Coalition between the six states of China to destroy the State of Qin, and building up and strengthening of the Zhao Military in a span of only 10 years through various contributions.  

He is the overreaching antagonist in Battle of Bayou Arc, a major protagonist in the Alliance Arc, a supporting character in the Sanyou Campaign Arc, the major protagonist in the Sanyou Aftermath Arc, a central overreaching and later major antagonist in the Coalition Invasion Arc, a minor antagonist in the Koku You Campaign Arc, the main antagonist in the Bureaucrats Jobs Arc, the overreaching and central antagonist in the Western Zhao Invasion Arc, the major protagonist in the Zhao Crisis Arc, a supporting character in the Battle of Eikyuu Arc, and a protagonist of the current arc of the series.

In the anime, he is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa who has provided the voices for Naraku from Inuyasha , Yoshikage Kira from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part IV: Diamond Is UnbreakableLord Boros from One Punch ManMard Geer Tartaros from Fairy TaleSephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, and Griffith from Berserk.



It's enough to make your heart bleed. This is why I dislike warfare. However, one cannot open a path with sentiment alone.
~ Ri Boku to Kaine

A humble and kind person, Ri Boku neither cares about fame nor glory which he stated to Ryo Fui and the courts of Qin during his visit to Kanyou. Further explaining that he is not the type of man who wishes to stand above others and being appointed by the people and the state is a heavy responsibility in itself. Preferring instead to return to the countryside and protect the lands with his comrades while building himself a family, raise sheep, and leisurely spend his days till old age.

However while on the battlefield, Ri Boku is efficiently ruthless in his machinations and schemes as he is willing to use anything for a complete victory over his opponents. He is also shown to be quite arrogant, a trait shared with many talented characters in the series, as he is confident he will always prevail.


There's no such thing as "victory" over here at Ganmon. We have neither hundreds thousands of soldiers, cavalries, chariots, or archer battalions over here. With what we have, it impossible to defeat the 100,000 strong Xiong Nu Armies. Indeed, Ganmon is a desolated place when it comes to attacking them. On the other hand, it is also the best place to do the opppsite.
~ Ri Boku to Kaine on his reasons.
I fully understand your determination to avenge your parents even if it means losing your life. Therefore, nobody can influence you in your decision. However...You underestimate the value of a another's life. It's Weight and Value are what we need to cherish. Never forget that.
~ Ri Boku to Kaine.
Oh, my...Are you trying to scare me off my feet again? Seems like you guys have suffered great losses. And I'm back here because of it...How ironic. I'm back, Kaine. Sorry but you'll have to follow my cowardly orders again.
~ Ri Boku to Kaine as he returns to Ganmon.
Understand that there are two types of commanders. The first are those who once slain will result in their soldiers completely losing morale and ending the battle right there. While the other becomes a symbol of martyrdom upon death and causes their soldiers to instead fight to their deaths.
~ To Sei Mei, Chou Sou's right hand.
I was never the type of man who wished to stand above the others, to begin with. To be appointed by the people and the state is a heavy responsibility. Neither can I get accustomed to the elegant streets and houses. If possible I would rather return to the countryside and protect the land there with my comrades, perhaps build a family, raise some sheep, and leisurely spend my days till I go gray, that's the sort of peaceful life I most desire.
~ Ri Boku to Ryo Fui on true desires and dreams.
I had thought that the man who killed Ou Ki would have been of a far greater caliber."
"Quite the opposite. It is precisely because I am such a small man that I was able to win. It is because I am a coward that I dedicate so much myself to petty little schemes. I will gladly resort to anything , even underhanded methods if it means we can emerge unharmed. The level of detail in my plans correlates directly to how much of a coward I am.
~ Ri Boku's discussion with Ryo Fui during their first meeting.
This is nothing more than a simple prologue for what's to come. I shall demonstrate to you what it is to win through overwhelming difference in strength.
~ Ri Boku to Kaine.
Good grief, You are really...a troublesome person, aren't you? Shin of the Hi Shin Unit.
~ Ri Boku to Shin after meeting him again.
You bastards are underestimating Ri Boku too much. That far more terrifying than you can imagine.
~ Shun Shin Kun to Rin Bun Kun and his soldiers.
An allience...Really is a conveniant thing, thanks to the Qin/Zhao alliance that's in place...You are unable to put a hand on even though you must be burning for revenge. However, the purpose of an alliance is not simply for the sake of preventing an enemy from attacking you. Rather, it's importance lies in what one can obtain after the alliance. As well as your actions after the alliance.
~ To Shin
Heh...So long as you continue to believe that acquiring terroitory is all there is to warfare, you will never be able to defeat me in this life time.
~ To Shin
You have yet to realize the true terror of War.
~ To Shin and Ka Ryo Ten
Shall We have a duel?
~ To Shin
When a nation draws close to it's hour of demise, It will surely unleash a level of strength that far exceeds all expectations in an effort to fight back.
It's my second time here, but...It still strikes me how beautiful a capital Kanyou Is.

Powers and Abilities

Hmph, I knew it. There's no way some pen pusher who relies only on strategy would've been able to defeat General Ou Ki!! As I thought, You're...a true monster with both intellect and fighting skills.
~ Shin on Ri Boku'a abilities after exchanging strikes with him.
Ri Boku's Data from Kingdom Vol.2 Databook.jpg

Physical Abilities

This guy's air...It's completely opposite of his appearance, he's covered with incredible martial aura...There's no mistaking it, this is man who has fought and lived through a ridiculous number of battlefields as a warrior. If you call this strategist, then what the hell kind of monster is he?!
~ Shin on Ri Boku upon seeing him for first time.

Fighting Style

  • Genius Tactician: A tactician with practical experience in strategy, Ri Boku served as the state of Zhao's greatest tactician and strategist after the legendary Rin Shou Jo. With his opening debut to central China, he demonstrated his ability as he fully utilized the northern Zhao cavalry's quality as skilled horsemen and Ou Ki's experience as a central plains General to his full advantage after thoroughly researching his military career during the Battle of Bayou. 
    • Strategical Type:
    • Perception: Ri Boku is armed with an astute perceptive of warfare. Aside Shun Shin Kun, He was able to see and deduce Shou Hei Kun's Sanyou Campaign and the announcement of it becoming Tougen as a potentially checkmating move against the entirety seven warring states.
    • Assassination Tactics: Since his days of fighting the Xiongnu on the border of Gan Mon, Ri Boku has been a master of assassination tactics as he would wait for the right moment when his opponents are vulnerable to completely surprise them with a swift strike to their throat.
    • Skill Adaptation:
  • Leadership: With a leadership stat of 99, Ri Boku ranks amongst the best leaders in the entire series. Even as back in his days as ordinary soldier, Ri Boku showed his leadership ability when he rallied his comrades on a guaranteed suicide charge in order to take the head of an enemy commander while leading them from the very front. And after becoming a Great General along with being appointed as rising through the military his ability grew to fervent levels as a Great General h due to his victories in the north and over It was noted that after his victory in the Battle of Bayou he became extremely popular among the common folk. The loyalty of his vassals runs so deep that many of them are ready to sacrifice their lives for him.
  • Expert Combatant:
Ri Boku's Muscles.jpg

While preferring to take tactical approaches on the battlefield with his brilliant use of strategical warfare, Ri Boku is a peerless warrior in hand to hand combat due to spending years on countless battlefields. As proof of his battlefield and combat experience, he has an impressive build of a hardened warrior with numerous scars across his body.

    • Master Swordsman: With superb proficiency, Ri Boku demonstrated his incredible ability as a master swordsman during his brief bout with Ri Shin as he sent the young man reeling during their duel after matching and overpowering him in terms of power and speed. Later on in the series, he has furthered shown his abilities after he furiously beheaded the large Left Hand of Ou Sen and general, Ma Kou, in a single strike, deflected multiple fired arrows without looking, and bisected a grown man in half.
    • Podao Expertise: Before abandoning the use of it, Ri Boku was a master in wielding in the pole arm weapon known as the podao in his youth, having killed multiple enemy soldiers while beheading their general instantly in the midst of a battlefield. 

Miscellaneous Abilities

    • Information Manipulation: Ri Boku is adept at manipulating information flow. 
    • Investigation Skills: Utilizing his own talents in gathering information, Ri Boku will thoroughly and methodically research and investigate his opponent's military records, strengths, and possible weaknesses to predict their actions.
  • Charisma:
  • Politicial Insight & Knowledge:
  • Overwhelming Influnce: Serving as his state's leading military figure, Ri Boku holds a great amount of influence and power among the seven states of China. Even after his falling out with the courts of Zhao, his tactics and strategies were used to defend against the invanding Qin armies.
  • Architecture Skills & Knowledge: Possessing incredible ability in military architecture and fortification, Ri Boku demonstrated his skills as he started to strengthen and renovate the city of Kankou's walls to phenomenally levels after he became prime minister. He later further showcased his expertise in creating an elaborate multi-layered defense of castles and forts throughout the formerly empty western parts of Zhao in order to prepare for any possible invasions from the state of Qin and intentionally modified the strategically important Retsubi, with hidden faults that made it difficult to defend for its conquerors.
  • Horse Riding Aptitude:
  • Indomitable Will:


  • Arrogance:
  • Political Novice:


Antagonistic Relationships


  • Ri Boku's character is based on the real-life ancient B.C. Zhao great general, Li Mu
  • While Ri Boku never takes a active and personal martial role in warfare, he is one of the strongest hand-to-hand combatants in the series.
  • Ri Boku is one of the youngest Great Generals in the series as he's around his late 30s to early 40s.



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