Rib-It the Frog was a minor antagonist of Maya the Bee anime, as well as the supporting antagonist in first season and one of the main antagonists (alongside with Croak and Stinger) in second season of the Maya the Bee CGI. He is a greedy frog while is one of the frogs and Maya and Willy's arch-enemies which is very hungry with the insects.



Rib-It is a predatory and mostly hunts for the insects for food because he was greedy which is attempted to eat bugs, but although was savage, sneaky, and ruthless towards them. He dislikes for the insects because they invaded the meadow and his pond which he wants them to be eaten.

Season 1

The Take Off

Willy was scraed when he sees the frog was Rib-It. He chased to Maya and Willy and jump and try to eat them, but Willy hides in the rocks and Maya is got a plan. He try to stick the tongue to Willy then Maya calls for a trick, he almost eat Maya and his tongue was stuck on the plant flower, but he fails to eat her, he grab with his mouth on the mushroom and jump away. the Bee worker was sees the him, but he thicks that Frog eats the two newborns.

Rainbow Pollen

He was fast a sleep and Maya, Willy and Pisa are wounder if they get a rainbow pollen back from the frog. When Rib-It wakes up, Pisa tries to attack him and tried to eat her, Maya calls Willy for a help to caring the pollen ball, but the frog tries to eat the young bees, but he eats the pollen ball and spit it out and have a sleep again.

Night Flight

The Guard-Bee was scared when he saw the frog, and he tries to eat him with his tongue. When Maya, Led and his Fireflies are ready to trick him, He watches the light fireflies moving around and jump over away from the pond.

Did I Say That!

He will continued as the main antagonist of the episode, After Judge Beeswax was eating honey on the flower, he looks at him and that makes him scared fly away and hides in the log. When Maya and Willy arrived, they seen Judge Beeswax was calling for help and the frog was finding him to eat. Then he heard Maya and tryed to sticks the tongue to her as a meal, and Willy calling Rib-It to leave Maya alone and almost sticks with his tongue at him. He sees at Judge Beeswax and jump to the log sees him inside. When Maya teasted him, He looks at her, sticks at the spiky ball and he runs all away to home.

Season 2

Rib-It was back for one of the main antagonists of the second season. He has his brother named Croak which is a brown frog who teamed up with him to capture the bugs. During the season, He is enemies of Maya and her friends because they invaded the meadow and his pond. He generally eats the insects while capture them, but he was very angry when Maya and Willy rescues them from being eaten by them. In those episodes who made a cameo, although he didn't attack them yet, and one episode who tries to capture the female worker bee, but he fails to eat her because Paul, his ants, Maya and her friends to save her. In both episodes who was being attack by Paul and his Ants for the first time.



  • The name "Rib-It" means an excessively abundant supply of something.
  • Rib-It's name was never mentioned in the series because he just the frog.
  • He is very greedy frog who wants to catch insects for food a lot because he interest to hunt the bugs and dislikes bees, mainly Maya and Willy as their arch-enemy.
  • He was attempting to eat bugs which is because of Maya wants to live in the meadow.
  • He's simply following his instincts while as true villain and attempted to eat his prey which is enjoying eating insects, including Maya and her meadow friends. Just because some predators are villains which was attempted to eat their preys, but not acting out of malice.
  • In "Take Off" which was mistaken of the female character because it supposed to be a male character as normal.