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Humanity learns nothing from the past.
~ Ribbons statement about his hatred toward humanity.
You seem to have forgotten that I was the one who made you. In other words, as far as you're concerned, I'm your creator . The Innovator won't be guiding humanity. I, Ribbons Almark, will be.
~ Ribbons delusional statement to Regene Regetta.

Ribbons Almark is the one of character of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and the main antagonist of the series.


At the first season, he act as the minor character who assist Alejandro Corner as his personal Assistant. He later reveal his true nature and all his plan in the end of first season by start to betray him, and begin create a group named Innovators for control the world from the shadow after success take over Veda. By lending the abilities of the Innovators and Veda, he was able to convince the Federation to create the autonomous 'peacekeeping' force, the A-Laws, to purge the world of all dissidents of the world government. With A-Laws in operation, Ribbons hoped to accelerate the unification of humanity under his guidance.

Its reveal that Ribbons is one of the first Gundam Meister of Celestial-Being, and also the people who save young Setsuna F.Seiei with his 0 Gundam in Azadistan-Krugis war, later choose him to become a candidate of Gundam Meister. He also responsible for the creation of Team Trinity, in fact he also never care with them even three of them created from his DNA. And also, Ribbons manipulated Louise Halevy by offering her to cope her GN-Drive Tau poisoning, and also offer her to join A-Laws to help her revenge againts Gundam and become one of their financial helper.

In the end of series, he along his force (GAGA-Force, Revive Revival, Hilling Care, Ali al-Saachez, Louise Halevy and Andrei Smirnov) begin the war between Innovator and Celestial Being who helped with Katharon and ESF-Coup de'etat. When he shown himself with Reborns Gundam, he have a duel with Setsuna until he decide to use 0 Gundam once again to defeat him, but ended being killed by Setsuna in their final clash.


At first glance, when he still become Alejandro assistant, Ribbons known is very well-mannered, soft spoken and charming person, he was gifted with youthful charisma often compared to those of modern idols and willing to support and follow Alejandro order.However, this is only his facade and at the end of season 1 Ribbons reveal his true nature and betraying Alejandro after he defeat by Setsuna. After Alejandro death, he use his legacy to make his own plan to guide the humanity according to his own vision, and create a self-proclaim group named "Innovator" to guide and manipulated the humanity, and order to the federation to create the Autonomous "peace-keeping" force named A-Laws to destroy anyone who not obey the federation.

Ribbons most powerful traits was his god-complex, manipulative and misanthropic. Overall he is known to be extremely cunning, delusional, narcissistic, egoistic, megalomaniac and completely remorseless. Ribbons always shown his disgust toward the human and refers them as "Foolish" in his eyes and see them nothing but a animals that can be controlled. Even though he can trust anyone who become his allies, Ribbons is care nothing to them and only see them as mere a tool. Unknown to the other Innovators, Ribbons already  modified there genetic make-up to have a backdoor to their eyes and minds. Ribbons did this as a way to ensure no betrayal and deception was capable amongst the group. If they try, he can shut down their mind and take over their mind 

His manipulative side is not only limited to the federation leader and politician, even he manipulate a tragic innocents like Louise Halevy. Due she inherited a billion of her family heritage, Ribbons manipulate her by making her to be ruthless and merciless soldier, making her as "the true humanity Innovator" by his drugs to become a messiah of the world, let her permission to use Soma's Ahead Smultron for "avenge" her death and give her a gigantic mobile suit (GNMA-Regnant) as his gift.Again, he only using her as his puppet for mole to observe the situation and also use her heritage as Innovator resource fund. Ribbons also known very hypocritical,such as at the first time claim that they (The Innovators ) are more superior than humans and later he claim that he is more superior than anyone even more superior than Innovators. After Tieria learn that he, the other Innovator member and himself was not a Innovator but a Innovade, and tell to him their true purposes to guide a human to be a Innovator, Ribbons deny his statement and coldly shoot at him and said he still superior than the others at the world.

In his early days, Ribbons had faithfully followed Aeolia's Plan as Celestial Being’s Gundam Meister. As combat-type Innovades, Ribbons fundamentally believe they are better than humans because of their advanced abilities. As a proud Innovade, who can also access up to Level 7 information from Veda, Ribbons wished to follow each step of the plan and knew every part of it just like Tieria Erde. Even at his betrayal, he claim that he still have faith on Aeolia's plan, in fact, Ribbons never understand Aeolia's plan due he completely blinded by his own delusions, his betrayal and his deeds were the main reasons why the Plan eventually fell apart.


Ever since the industrial revolution, humanity has used it's technological knowledge for conflict and repeatedly risked its own extinction/ Though great leaders appeared at the times, they'd reach the end of their lives in a few decades, and the world return to a state of chaos
~ Ribbons loathing speech about the humanity.
I gave you the medication that suppressed the cellular defects consuming your body. Why did I do that? *active his quantum brainwaves* Because it's what you wanted.So that you can bring about a united without war, and avenge your parents by defeating Gundams.(Louise: Gundam. . .) I have such high hope for you. And I even brought along this Regnant specifically for you. I want you to become humanity's first Innovator, so you can guide this world. Will you do that, Louise Halevy ? (Mind-controlled Louise:I understand, Almark! ) That's good girl.
~ Ribbons when he convince to Louise to accept his gift and brainwashed her mind.
No, I'am really a god. (Setsuna: Do you want to rule humanity that much?) If I don't, mankind will never be able to end its fighting, and will destroy itself. I'am its savior ! So you don't want to cooperate with us ?
~ Ribbons another delusional statement to Setsuna F.Seiei.
It's just like how human control animals and use them for whatever purpose they desire. And besides, if I can defeat you, who have become a purebred Innovator, my worthiness will be undeniable.
~ Ribbons egoistical statement to Setsuna F.Seiei before start their final battle.


  • Ribbons often being compared to Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars franchise.
    • Both of them are the true hidden main antagonist who controlled and responsible the event of the series.
    • Both of them are manipulated the protagonist and turn them into a merciless pawn of the war with high-ranks on their side and giving them a bio-engineered body modification( Ribbons to Louise Halevy and Palpatine to Anakin Skywalker )
    • Both of them also hated their upbringings, with Ribbons detesting what would eventually happen to him as a member of Celestial Being while Palpatine hated the lack of ambition their wealthy family had.
    • Both are not necessarily bound by physical bodies and have used clone bodies to escape certain death (although clones of Palpatine were only constructed in the Expanded Universe after the events of Return of the Jedi)
  • He was "died" when he piloted 0 Gundam by Setsuna, the same Gundam that he ever save him 11 years ago before the series
  • He share same seiyuu with the main protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam who also Char Aznable rival, Amuro Ray.
    • His 0 Gundam also similar with Amuro RX-78-2 Gundam.
    • The role of the 0 Gundam is reflected from the RX-78-2 Gundam, in which the former was the precursor to all Gundams of Celestial Being, and the latter is the first Gundam mobile suit in the metaseries.
    • In Gundam Build Fighter : Battlogue ep.1 when Meijin and Allan have gunpla battle by choosing a previous Gundam Series pilot, Allan choose Ribbons Almark as Reversible Gundam pilot. Allan later swap Ribbons to Amuro Ray AI to prank over Char Aznable AI. Char, who is surprised and wonder why he share similar voice with Ribbons, and Amuro casually said "just a coincidence"
  • Initially, the Gundam Meisters were going to be Innovade. However due his defection,a variety of humans were able to take his place.