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Ribby: SO WHAT IF I AM?!?
~ Ribby and Croaks' exchange before every fight, also their most famous quote.

Ribby and Croaks are minor antagonists in The Cuphead Show!. They serve as the main antagonists of the episode named after them.

Ribby is portrayed by Chris Wilde and Croaks by Rick Zieff.


The two of them look very much like how they do in the game. the big difference being that they are now both wearing suits as opposed to just pants.


When Cuphead and Mugman are kicked out of the house for fighting, they find a riverboat run by Ribby and Croaks who show off the features along with the detail of there being ice cream.

Upon which, they demand twenty dollars from the cups. However, all they have is five dollars. Ribby and Croaks take their five dollars anyway and then give them the boot before getting into an argument with one another. Angered over having their money stolen, Cuphead and Mugman sneak on board and attempt to get the ice cream. However, their quarreling gets the frog brothers to notice them and attempt to beat them to a pulp.

Ribby and Croaks' efforts to pummel the cups results in them punching holes in their own riverboat. After seeing Cuphead and Mugman make amends with one another, the two are touched and promise to become better brothers as well. Just as they do though, their riverboat completely sinks and the two of them blame each other and start beating each other up while Cuphead and Mugman happily enjoy some ice cream together.


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