Now I'm going to cut out Princess Bubblegum's heart and make out with it!
~ Ricardio

Ricardio is a recurring antagonist in Adventure Time. He is the Ice King's heart that the Ice King accidentally brought to life.


After Ice King accidentally brought his heart, named Ricardio to life, the heart wanted to seduce Princess Bubblegum with science so he could rip out her heart and make it his wife. He is defeated by Finn and Jake, and Ice King puts him back in his chest, with Ricardio vowing vengeance.

Three seasons later, he returns again, escaping from Ice King's body and using Ice King's internal parts to build a larger body for himself. This time, he defeats Finn and Jake by poisoning them with Zanoits (the subject he was discussing with Princess Bubblegum in his first appearance). He explains that he was thinking too small last time, and now wants to marry Princess Bubblegum entirely, not just her heart. She challenges him to hand-to-hand combat that if he won, she would marry him. She quickly hit the exposed tendons of his newly built "body" and defeated him, telling him to get out of her sight. Princess Bubblegum later builds Ice King a new heart, which means Ricardio is still a separate entity.



  • He is voiced by the Star Trek veteran actor George Takei.
  • "Ricardio" is a combination of Richard and cardio, a Greek word for "heart".


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