Ricardo Blanco (リカルド・ブランコ) was a Caruban kingpin, Master of Disguise, and a member of the Wild Dog organization from the 80's to 2000. Richard Miller defeated him and he was betrayed and killed by his boss, Wild Dog, although they both planned out Project Titan.


In year 2000, Ricardo, Kantaris and Wild Dog sought their revenge against Richard Miller, a V.S.S.E. agent, for a variety of events happened in years 1995 and 1997.

Wild Dog ordered Ricardo to assassinate the President Xavier Serrano. Ricardo masquaraded as Richard Miller when he killed the President, in order to dupe people into thinking that Miller was the real murderer. While Richard Miller was held responsible for Serrano's death, Marisa Soleil lets him know that Ricardo was the real murder.

Since this revelation, Miller traveled by plane to Caruba to clear his name (Miller only has 48 hours to do so), but when he arrived to the airport, he was ambushed by the Caruban military and Blanco's men. After this, Miller was able to escape from this trap via a Taxicab which was going to Blanco's mansion. There, Miller killed numerous Blanco's men.

Miller engaged himself in a gunfight against Blanco, and defeated him. Soon after, a helicopter appears with Wild Dog. Blanco then mocks at Miller that the latter will never find out the truth. However, Wild Dog betrays Blanco by firing a machine gun grafted onto his left shoulder. Realizing that he has been doubled crossed by Wild Dog, Blanco revealed to Miller that Wild Dog was going to Rio Oro, helping him to discover the secret project of building a mighty titanium robot army to takeover the world. However, Blanco died before giving more information to Miller.

Miller finally discovered the truth: Serrano was still alive, and the dead President was only a clone. Finally Miller goes out and seemingly kills Wild Dog by shooting at his helicopter and making it crash into the robot army and blow up the helicopter killing him and ending the Wild Dogs syndicate and saving the world.


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