Riccardo and Lawrence are two goons and henchmen in the Medici family, both are troublemakers who dare to frighten citizens with their presence. It seems that they have fetishes for girls younger than them, walking from stalkers and behaving explicitly to seduce them, becoming violent if they reject.


Ms. Fortune Story Mode

Appeared in the story of Ms. Fortune.Shows up at Yu-wan's restaurant and talking to about the Skullgirl where they went after going to a bunch of Mafia families in Maplecrest. Lawrence continues commenting that the Skullgirl has a bone to choose with his boss and questions his current whereabouts, as well as some kind of disease. The two men see Minette and it is revealed that they were sent to find her. Lawrence asks for table service as a ploy to bring Minette closer to him, who seems to be working as a waitress in the restaurant. Once he arrives, Riccardo complements his appearance and tells him Lawrence and himself to give him "free drinks and that the three of them were going to go out into the city". Minette declines saying that she has work to do, and Lawrence insults her.

Upon hearing the uproar, Ms. Fortune appears. Lawrence tries to fire her by suggesting, which makes the situation intensify. After Ms. Fortune demands that the two men leave, Lawrence grabs a machete and decapitates her, presuming that she did not have a chance. After this point Ms. Fortune stops feigning death, and at the same time attacks Riccardo and Lawrence. Startled, Lawrence and Riccardo flee.

Filia Story Mode

In Filia's Story Mode, only one of the two thugs is present and it's Riccardo. On the other side of the table, while flirting with another woman, he watched that girl serve herself a milkshake. Approaching, he offers to buy a "real" drink, putting one hand on his face and the other on his thigh. The Samsom parasite spoke to her behind Filia's hat, and told her that she already has a place to drink. Confused by the strange voice, Riccardo ignores it and continues without success, in having the acceptance of the young woman. Samson emerges from under the hat and attacks Riccardo de Filia. What happened to Riccardo after the attack is unknown.

Skullgirls Mobile

Now both have a larger role in the mobile version, interacting with the main characters. Every time someone encounters any of them, antipatically, they will reproach their efforts to progress in Medici Tower, saying a variety of insults or ridicule, about the fighter. They are also accompanied along with other members of the band.



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