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"You're finished, grass!!".
~ Rich's threat to his old friend Robert Preston after the latter gets Rich arrested for his involvement with drugs and how it led to Rich stabbing Chesney Brown in a confrontation.

Rich Collis is a fictional character and supporting antagonist of the British soap opera drama Coronation Street. He only appeared as a supporting antagonist in 2017 wherein his storyline saw him hassle his old friend Robert Preston and the latter's lover Michelle Connor with his drug habits that at one point led to Rich stabbing their friend Chesney Brown.

He was played by Fraser Ayres.


Rich Collis was known in Weatherfield to be a drug dealer and an old acquaintance of restaurant owner Robert Preston. They were formerly friends back as teenagers and started getting involved in drugs, but then Robert overcome the addiction whereas Rich continued to do dodgy dealing.

In 2017, Rich gets himself reacquainted with Robert and proposes a drug deal between them. Robert refuses, however, and so Rich begins to hassle him. It is then a confrontation ensues at one point in Robert's restaurant when Rich brandishes a knife. Local customer Chesney Brown attempts to stop Rich, but in the end Rich stabs Chesney before fleeing. Chesney is hospitalized but recovers from his injury; Robert, feeling guilt-ridden, decides to bring Rich to justice for his actions.

At somepoint, Robert arranges a meet-up with Rich under the guise of requesting drugs. They talk in Rich's car when Robert examines how the incident with Chesney has brought back unsettling memories of what happened between him and Rich in the past. Rich assures Robert that all will get better, shortly before a group of men start kicking a ball at Rich's car. Rich promptly goes to confront them, but is thereupon arrested as the group of men turn out to actually be undercover policemen who were tipped off by Robert in apprehending Rich in a sting operation; Rich, realizing that Robert grassed him up to the police, furiously promises retribution for this as he gets taken to the police station.

Later on, Rich is released from prison on bail. He begins to cause trouble for Robert and his lover Michelle Connor. At one point, Michelle gets kidnapped by an unknown assailant and everyone believes that Rich is the culprit. Roberts goes to confront Rich at his house and beats him up, but later Robert gets arrested and charged for assault. He is released on bail and decides to confront Rich again. Rich denies having Michelle kidnapped but expresses that he wished he had just to wind Robert up. Robert goes to attack Rich again when the police arrive and arrest him for breaking his bail conditions.

It is soon revealed that Michelle's old boyfriend, Will Chatterton, is actually the perpetuator behind Michelle's ordeal and that he had been implicating Rich as the culprit just to avoid suspicion. Will is eventually caught out and jailed for his actions, though Rich would still get charged for Chesney's stabbing and since then he has never been mentioned nor heard off again.



  • Rich Collis appeared 11 times in his total duration on the show.