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Richard Crowe is the secondary antagonist of the 2004 video game Far cry and its 2005 remake Far Cry Instincts. He is Dr. Kreiger's right-hand man.


Far Cry

Richard Crowe is first seen in the training section, telling his men to look for a "punk in a red Hawaiian shirt". He first encounters Jack when he intercepts him and Doyle, telling them that he knows where they are and is heading over there to kill Jack. However, Crowe is defeated by Jack and jumps into the ocean while Doyle rescues the latter. Crowe survives this, but is later killed by Jack in a final confrontation between the two.

Far Cry Instincts

Crowe isn't that much different in this version, except he injects himself with four times the same serum Jack received and also serves as the game's final boss.

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