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Richard Felton is the secondary antagonist of 2018 survival horror videogame Remothered: Tormented Fathers. His/her real name is Jennifer Richardine Felton.


Dr. Richard Felton was once a notary. A mysterious disease affected him and his several friends, caused by a bacterial growth induced by moths, when they were in Egypt. The illnesses caused him to physically age prematurely and caused his eyesight to degenerate and become sensitive to strong light. Due to this, Richard ended his career as a notary and began gardening as a hobby. He is taken care of and assisted by his personal nurse Ms. Gloria.

Though he had a strained relationship with his father, he always saw him as a good man, strict as he was. Their relationship worsened, however, after his father returned from the war in Ethiopia; an empty shell of his former self. He came back to himself quickly thereafter, but not in the way Richard had wanted.

Some years later, Richard was introduced to his future bride, Arianna Gallo, by his parents. Their marriage was more of a bussiness deal than love. After they adopted Celeste, she became the only bond between Arianna and him. When their daughter mysteriously disappeared, their relationship worsened. So, they divided.

After RossoGallo incident, Red Nun managed to manipulate Richard, as she seeks revenge against Feltons. Red Nun made Richard lock his wife and daughter away in Celeste's bedroom. Some time later, by the Red Nun's order, Richard killed Celeste in her sleep.

It's later revealed that Richard didn't kill Celeste. He actually killed his wife Arianna Felton as he thought she was Jennifer. He dressed up like a little girl and introduces himself as Jennifer to Rosemary Reed. He told Rosemary to find a fireplace where she can find what she is looking for. Rosemary later found out that Richard Felton was Jennifer Richardine Felton before his father's return from Ethiopia. Jennifer forced to live like a male by his father. He used testosterone on Jennifer and turn her into a male, Richard Felton. This caused multiple personality disorder. Richard after adopting Celeste with his wife, he forced Celeste to leave their home to protect her. After Celeste left, he killed his wife because he thought she was Jennifer. Later, Gloria (Red Nun) showed up and tied up Rosemary and Richard to chairs. She cut Richard's tongue and told him to burn her. But, Rosemary managed to survive and burnt Richard Felton in a self-defense.




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