Someone in my organization made an awful mistake. The one which might have exposed me to imminent prosecution. I needed to find somebody to take the fall, as they say, and you are that unfortunate person.
~ Richard Fisk revealing his true colors to Peter Parker.

Richard Fisk is the recurring antagonist appearing in Spider-Man: The Animated Series. He is the son of crime lord Wilson Fisk, known as the Kingpin, as well as the chairman of his company Fisktronic and a criminal mastermind in his own right.

He was voiced by Nick Jameson, who also voiced Michael Morbius in this series.


Richard Fisk is quite tall, young man with light brown hair and blue eyes. Judging his physical appearance, he is either in his late twenties or early thirties.


When Peter met Richard for the first time, the latter appeared to be kind, nice, polite, thankful and friendly person. However, his "good demeanor" was nothing more than a hoax since he actually was very cunning, corrupt, greedy, treacherous and dishonest man who was very willing to betray his own country for profits.


Both Richard and his father plan to frame Peter for selling government secrets in order to cover up their criminal activities to avoid imprisonment. Richard invites Peter Parker aka Spider-Man to Wilson's mansion and introduces him to his father.

Wilson offered Peter a job at Fisktronics as a gratitude for saving Wilson's life from Hobgoblin. Then he hires Peter in Fisktronics as a troubleshooter and diagnostic analyst.

Because of this Peter quit his job at Daily Bugle (much to J. Jonah Jameson's chagrin) and was very happy to work at Fisktronics. However, very next day, he was ambushed by group of agents who were looking for Peter's diagnostic disc. When he reached his home, he was arrested for supposed treason, despite protesting for his innocence. Later, after his trial, when Peter was being taken into custody, Richard's men kidnapped him and Richard tried to kill him to fully cover up his actions. However Peter was saved by Daredevil and they both proved Peter's innocence which resulted in Richard getting arrested and imprisoned.

Later, while in prison at Ryker's Island, Richard Fisk teamed up with Tombstone to frame Robbie Robertson and escape from jail. However, their efforts were ruined by Spider-Man.

He also appears in flashback where he was saved by Hobie Brown. At the end of the series he remains in prison.

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