Richard Gladwell was a hitman, who killed the real Richard Gladwell, and took his name and a day job in Human Resources. He was the antagonist of the Gotham episode "Arkham".

He was portrayed by Hakeem Kae-Kazim.


Following tensions over the Arkham project boiling, with both main Crime bosses wanting the land. Carmine Falcone hired Gladwell to murder two politicians in the municipal level and later burn his third victim alive in the grounds of Arkham Asylum to leave a clear message. Gordon and Bullock managed to trace Gladwell to his place of work, but he escaped. Later on, Gladwell was hired by Sal Maroni to kill Mayor Aubrey James, Gordon arrived in time to warn the Mayor, but he hesitated long enough to take all his money, letting Gladwell arrive. Gladwell and Gordon engaged in a fight, however Bullock arrived held Gladwell at gunpoint. Gordon retrieved his own, realizing the game was up Gladwell made a last desperate attack at the Mayor, and was gunned down by the two policemen.


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Richard Gladwell
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