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Richard L'Italien awaiting execution

When you love someone, they own you, they possess you. I will not be possessed.
~ L'Italien explaining his misogyny and inability to love.

Richard L'Italien is a supporting antagonist in the TV series Oz, appearing in the episode "Capital P". He is a misogynist serial killer who is on death row for the murders of several women.

He is portrayed by Eric Roberts, who also portrayed Paul Snider in Star 80, Salvatore Maroni in The Dark Knight, The Master in Doctor Who, Dark Danny in Danny PhantomDr. Albert Beck in Stalked By My Doctor, Mongul in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, and James Munroe in The Expendables.


L'Italien is introduced as a death row inmate in the titular prison, sentenced to die for the murder of a woman. While meeting with Warden Leo Glynn, L'Italien calmly confesses to killing 38 other women.

On the day of L'Italien's execution, prison chaplain Ray Mukada visits him to give him the Last Rites. In conversation with Mukada, L'Italien explains that, in his eyes, a true man is a "man of power" who is never controlled by anyone, especially not a woman. He also reveals he always wanted to attend the Bohemian Grove, a retreat of the world's most powerful men held in San Francisco, until a Supreme Court ruling forced the club to admit women. L'Italien reveals that he murdered his victims because he is afraid of being "owned" by a woman. Mukada realizes there is nothing more he can do for L'Italien except absolve his sins.

As L'Italien is strapped down and injected, he becomes afraid and attempts to relax with a yo-yo which he has been playing with throughout the episode. As the death row cocktail takes effect, he slows and finally stops playing with the yo-yo. He is then pronounced dead.

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