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Did you really think I could be outsmarted by Nigel bloody Cass? He recorded that meeting because I wanted him to. It got to Emma Child because I wanted it to. And now law enforcement has full profiles on all of you. If you want to live, get on the ground and put your hands on your head.
~ Malik revealing he manipulated the situation to kill Emma Child.

Richard Malik is a major antagonist in the 2020 open-world video game Watch Dogs Legion.

He is an SIRS director who assists DedSec in their attempts to find Zero Day; however he is later revealed to have been manipulating them in order to depose his boss Emma Child and take her job.

He is voiced by Esh Alladi.


Malik was the Director of Tactical Response for SIRS at the time of the TOAN conference. He discovered that Zero Day were planning to bomb Parliament, the TOAN conference and several other targets, but failed to stop the bombing. The hacker group DedSec were blamed for the attack. Malik, seeing a way to get rid of SIRS director Emma Child and take her job, leaked a message to DedSec blaming rogue elements of SIRS for the attack. He then met with Albion CEO Nigel Cass and arranged for him to have Albion kidnap him so DedSec would have to save him so he could infiltrate them.

Malik first appears when DedSec receive his message and find he has been kidnapped. They storm the Albion hideout and save him. Malik helps them break into various SIRS hideouts and hack into the FILAMENT AI (used to track the movements of every Londoner), leading them to the conclusion that Emily Child is Zero Day (not helped by her attempts to track down Malik seemingly for exposing her). After she has one of their operatives kidnapped, DedSec go to confront her.

However, when they arrive she shows them footage of Malik's meeting with Cass, revealing he betrayed both of them. DedSec agrees to help her kill Malik by luring him to Trafalgar Square so an SIRS sniper can shoot him. When DedSec arrive for the fake meeting, they realize Malik isn't there, having figured out what they were up to. Malik calls the operative, revealing that he allowed Child to discover his betrayal knowing that this situation would occur, and that he gave Albion full profiles on all of them. He then blows up the building with the snipers and Child inside. The DedSec operative is filmed fleeing the scene, causing DedSec to be blamed.

With Child dead, Malik is promoted to Director of SIRS, giving him access to FILAMENT. Malik plans to use this newfound power to resurrect the British Empire. However, DedSec, now believing him to be Zero Day, break into the SIRS headquarters and hack Malik's hard drive. This allows them to find evidence that Malik was the real perpetrator which they send to the media, exposing Malik. He attempts to flee, but DedSec's AI Bagley takes control of his car and forces him to drive to DedSec's safehouse. He is then incarcerated and interrogated about Zero Day.

After DedSec have defeated and killed Skye Larsen, Mary Kelley and Nigel Cass, Malik takes the opportunity to point out that despite their investigation of SIRS, Clan Kelley, Albion, Blume Corporation and Broca Tech, they still have not found Zero Day. He then offers his own theory that Zero Day is inside DedSec, but is completely ignored. He later turns out to be right, as DedSec leader Sabine Brandt is revealed as Zero Day.

During an optional side-mission, Bagley contacts Malik to ask him about the location of people extrajudicially imprisoned by SIRS. The player is unwilling to talk to him, but allows Malik to give up the location where captives are taken.


  • Unrivaled Jingoism: Richard Malik is a British citizen, whose immense patriotism is noted by his colleagues to be second to none. Richard believes in his delusions of grandeur which further fuel his obsession in somehow using SIRS's technology and Albion's manpower to actually resurrect the British Empire. These ambitions fall in line with his unquestionable patriotism as well his delusions of being the leader Britain needed to become an empire once more. His delusions of grandeur are also noted when he believes he will be the one to take down Zero Day and make Britain a powerful nation once more. His jingoistic and other self-righteous causes have earned him an extensive list of enemies.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Malik's patriotism was only rivaled by his astoundingly high intellect which made a genius in software engineering and manipulation, signals intelligence, human intelligence, human psychology, humanities, counterintelligence and espionage. His anti-social disorders have actually helped him in better analyzing people and excel at academia and scholarly activities. His intelligence has been demonstrated when;
    • He was aware of Zero Day's plan for Drool Britannia, a cyberterrorist initiative which will ignite a war that will result in people abandoning high technology order to rebuilt the United Kingdom better than before. However, he failed to get SIRS approval to act on his suspicions.
    • He was able to piece together that Zero Day's ideology is a radicalized belief of the DedSec doctrine. This led him to suspect that Zero Day are either all of DedSec or a zealous faction splintered off from DedSec. These suspicions were proven right with Sabine's revelation that she is the founder of Zero Day, having orchestrated the original bombings with recruits from Clan Kelley and Albion to rebuild the U.K. free of corruption and broken ideologies.
    • He was able to manipulate Nigel Cass into recording their conversations so that Emma Child can show it to DedSec, therefore leading to Emma and DedSec working together. This led to his scheme of blowing up the Canada House Emma was operating from and have DedSec unwillingly set off the bombs there.
    • He was able to take leadership of SIRS and convince the commonwealth nations to unite in hunting down insurgents using lethal force. This was part of a long term plan to fully resurrect the British Empire with himself as the leader the British Empire needed to become a domineering empire once more. DedSec managed to foil his plans before he ever got the chance to execute this plan.
  • Aversion to Conflict: Despite his anti-social tendencies, Richard Malik is deeply unsettled by any form of physical violence, which gives him an aversion to directly confronting his enemies or killing them himself. He was once content with using physical violence, but years of being an intelligence officer has made him prefer to not use violence anymore. This most likely indicates that he suffers from PTSD from torture at the hands of Britain's enemies.


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