Richard Maynarde was Lady Peinforte's servant. A competent archer and warrior, he was fiercely loyal to her, but had misgivings about her plans to go forward in time from the 17th century to the year 1988. Nevertheless, he did as he was told and accompanied her.

Although Lady Peinforte herself adjusted well enough to the new time period, Richard's stout heart and courage were tested at every turn by unfamiliar surroundings and technology, and he repeatedly advised his lady to give up her quest for the Nemesis and return them home to 1638. His pleas fell on deaf ears.

He accompanied Lady Peinforte to the abandoned warehouse where the Cybermen were keeping the Nemesis. The Doctor activated the statue's power, and a desperate Lady Peinforte leaped into the rocket sled with it and was absorbed by its immense power before the Doctor launched it into space to destroy the fleet of the Cybermen.

As the Cyber Leader prepared to kill the Doctor in revenge, Richard saw one of Lady Peinforte's arrows stuck in the door of the TARDIS, having been fired into it by his now-dead mistress earlier. Pulling it loose, Richard fired it into the Cyber Leader, killing him. In return for saving the Doctor's life, Richard was given a ride in the TARDIS back to his home time of 1638 at his own request.

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