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Richard Travers is a major antagonist of the 1993 action adventure movie Cliffhanger.

He was portrayed by Rex Linn, who also played Nathan Riggs in Lethal Weapon.


He is the inside man of Eric Qualen, the leader of a band of ex-military criminals, steal 3 suitcases of the value of over $100 million dollars. During the theft, Travers shoots and kills other treasury agents and then goes to plane, where Qualen and other criminals are. Qualen demands to know the reason he didn't bring the money first and Travers says he had this feeling they wouldn't wait for him. Then the plan goes bad when a treasury agent causes their plane to crash and lose the money.

They manipulate rangers and heroes, Tucker and Walker, into coming to where they are and then forcing them to take them to where the lost money is. When Walker asks what is in them, Travers tells them none of your business and Qualen calls out Travers, who says for him to get off his back and Qualen replies get off I haven't even got on it yet. He also gets mad at the other thieves because of their behavior.

Qualen also mentions to him that he's now a fallen hero and there's no way out for him. Later he tries to use a helicopter but Qualen tells him he's not running things here and kills one the criminal and pilot, Kristel,and then tells him he's the only person who can fly them out of here now and to hunt the rest of the money down. Travers orders Delmar, another criminal, to kill Tucker because of Travers using the object to track the lost money and Tucker now being useless. When Delmar is destroyed, Travers thinks it was Tucker falling and says I said quietly.

Travers then radios Qualen and losing his mind gets angry and says his name. Then in Traver's madness, he goes after the Gabe and attempts to kill him but is killed by Gabe with bolt gun and Travers falls to his death in water under ice.


Travers is displayed as a mean-spirited, brutal, foul-mouthed, ill-tempered, increasingly mentally unstable, disgruntled, power-hungry and psychopathic bully who turned his back on his own country in pursuit of money.

When Travers threatens Hal Tucker for the location of the briefcase of money and after last briefcase was empty, he goes on madness in last attempt to kill Gabe Walker.


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