Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.
~ Richter when first meeting Emil

Richter Abend is the main antagonist in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. He once saved Emil from some bullies, but after his real goal was revealed, he immediately became his enemy. His Japanese voice was done by Kenji Hamada and was English dubbed by Kyle Hebert.


Before the events of the first game, Richter was originally a researcher at Sybak University. Together with Aster, they were researching Ratatosk by looking into his mana. However, due to a betrayal by Mithos' group, the spirits had disappeared. When Ratatosk killed Aster, Richter grew angry and killed him in rage and reduced Ratatosk into his core form, which was taken from Tenebrae before he could finish him off. Ever since then, Richter held his resentment toward Ratatosk and found the Vanguard in order to search for the Centurion's cores.

In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

In the beginning, he meets Emil while looking for Ratatosk's core. In the cave, Richter finds out that the core was implanted in Marta's head. After Emil saved her, he immediately became his enemy. It was mentioned that he and Commander Brute were the ones that formed the Vanguard (though he made Brute evil due to giving him Solum's Core). He frequently tried to get the core from Marta with Aqua's help and tried to convince Emil to turn against her. At one point, he suddenly remembered the name "Aster". After Brute came back to his senses, Richter decided to just kill Emil regardless of who he really is.

Eventually, Richter travels to the Ginnungagap to settle things with Ratatosk once and for all. When Emil and his friends confront him, Richter uses the Sacred Stone to turn his body into flames, thus giving him extra powers. As Lloyd realized that he wanted to sacrifice himself to seal the Ginnungagap, Richter mentioned that Aster would come back as well. He made Emil possesed by Ratatosk again, saving Marta and Lloyd while attacking them. Richter did nothing but watch for the rest of the story. In the end, Richter and Emil were trapped in the Ginnungagap forever (though in the true ending, Emil most likely escaped); Richter defined it as "an eternal hell". 


  • While Commander Brute and Decus were thought to be the main antagonists of the game at first, Richter was revealed to be the true main villain because he had bigger plans than anyone else.
  • During the final battle, Richter's Mystic Arte "Lord of Flames" is identical to the "Towering Inferno" arte. The difference is that as far as it being a fire-elemental arte, his phrase "Are you ready? Pain will only last an instant" is echoed.
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