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|hobby = Provoking judges
|hobby = Provoking judges
|goals = Get his lawyer fired.
|goals = Get his lawyer fired.
|crimes = Murder<br>Contempt of Court
|type of villain = Trash-Talking Criminal}} {{quote|Suck my dick, you f--kman.|Rick Allen, telling off Judge Morty.}}
|type of villain = Trash-Talking Criminal}} {{quote|Suck my dick, you f--kman.|Rick Allen, telling off Judge Morty.}}

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Suck my dick, you f--kman.
~ Rick Allen, telling off Judge Morty.

Rick Allen is the antagonist of the Adult Swin clip State of Georgia Vs. Denver Fenton Allen.

He was voiced by Justin Roiland, who also voices the original Morty Smith, Morty Durham Jr., and Rick Sanchez.


A Georgia criminal defendant, Rick was accused of murdering another inmate in the county jail. One day Rick was brought in by Judge Morty to deliver his request to fire his defence attorney on the grounds that the attorney wanted to suck his dick, and because the doctors at the hospital put a false diagnosis on him.

The discussion between the two men soon degenerated into a sexually explicit argument, with Rick telling Judge Morty to fuck himself several times, calling him a fuckman, and threatening the judge's family. Meanwhile Judge Morty rose to the bait, speculating about Rick's sexual orientation, Rick's sexual exploits in the county jail, and ordering him to pleasure himself before bringing the hearing to an end.

The hearing ended with Rick yelling that he was going to subpoena everyone in the court room while the deputy physically removed Rick from the courtroom.


  • Rick Allen was based on the real life Georgia criminal defendant Denver Fenton Allen. The argument between Rick Allen and Judge Morty as shown on Adult Swim was word for word from the court transcript of the actual argument between defendant Allen and the real Judge Durham.
  • Following this exchange Allen's case was assigned to a different judge while Durham was admonished for his behavior. Allen tried to draw his new judge into the same argument but instead of rising to the bait this judge simply had him removed from the courtroom. In April, 2017 Allen was found not competent to stand trial, but in November a jury determined he was competent to stand trial. Allen subsequently pleaded guilty to the murder in December, 2017 and was sentenced to life imprisonment. After the sentence was announced Allen threatened the lives of several individuals within the courtroom.
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