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Rick Carver is the main antagonist of the 2014 film 99 Homes. He is a real estate operator who is setting up real estate schemes by evicting people from their homes in order to gain the owners house and money.

He is portrayed by Michael Shannon, who also played Frankie Lombardo in Kangaroo Jack , Colonel Richard Strickland in The Shape of Water and Captain Beatty in the 2018 remake of Fahrenheit 451.


Carver is first seen evicting Dennis Nash, his mother Lynn and his son Connor from their old home. While there, the police officers who are part of the eviction refer to him as "boss". When Dennis finds out that his tools have been stolen by Carver's men, he goes to confront them. After almost getting in a fight with the men, Carver comes to break it up. He takes notice of Dennis's gumption and offers him a job as a repairman at the homes he has evicted. After some time, Dennis becomes Carver's assistant who tells him that he is exploiting government and banking rules to evict anyone from their homes and sell them for a higher price. Later on, he is seen organizing a large multiple-million dollar deal but is stopped by the homeowner when they decide to take legal action. Fearing that he may be caught, he has Dennis take a forged document to court that defeats the homeowner, but when he goes to evict the homeowner, a standoff between the police and homeowner ensues. The standoff comes to an end when Dennis (fearing for the man's family) confesses to the police that Carver had been using exploits to gain personal wealth. Dennis is then taken to the officer's car while they have a word with Carver where it is assumed he is arrested too.


  • Carver is similar to Gordon Gekko from Wall Street:
    • They are ruthless, charismatic and manipulative businessmen.
    • They corrupt the protagonist into working for them and train them in their career fields, but then the protagonist betrays them by going to the police.

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