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Rick Neelan is a recurring antagonist in Coronation Street. He was a loan shark who harassed Joe McIntyre for money from November 2009 to February 2010. The character appeared again from April to June 2012 when he returned to harass his daughter Tina McIntyre, whose boyfriend Tommy Duckworth got in debt with Rick after his dad Terry took money from him and fled. He returned as a pitival antagonist in March 2019, in which he begins to harass Gary Windass.

He is portrayed by Greg Wood, who also played Trevor Royle in Hollyoaks.


Rick in 2009.

Rick Neelan is a dangerous loan shark, who first appeared in November 2009 when he bought Joe McIntyre's debts from a development firm and demanded payment. Despite Joe's efforts, Rick kept adding on "interest", adding more stress to Joe. Joe attempted to fake his death for insurance money as a last minute resort, but ended up accidentally killing himself for real on the lake district. Despite Joe's (original) disappearance, Rick attempted to extort money from Joe's wife Gail and his daughter Tina, and even tried to set fire to her and her boyfriend Jason Grimshaw's flat. Rick was later arrested and charged.

In 2012 Rick was still working as a loan shark despite his previous charges and lent money to Terry Duckworth to open a strip club on Coronation Street. When Terry was unable to pay the money back due to his plans being scuppered by the residents, Rick started turning up wanting the money, along with his heavies and was amused that Terry's son Tommy was dating Tina.

When Terry fled without giving Rick his payment, he instead turned to harassing Tommy. Rick gave Tommy a proposition - use his position at the garage to stash drugs in cars belonging to Rick so they can be trafficked into Amsterdam. Tommy reluctantly agrees and carries out the task. Rick then tells him to transport a stash of drugs into the country, and Tommy agrees fearing for Tina's life. However Tina doesn't want Tommy to risk prison, so steals a bag of drugs belonging to Rick. Needing it back, Rick kidnaps Tina's friend Rita Sullivan on the day of her wedding and phones Tina to meet by the docks. They have a stand-off and Rick threatens to throw Rita into the water. Rick manages to get the drugs from Tina and flees when police sirens are heard. He is then arrested by Tina's enemy Kirsty Soames, a policewoman, and givne a seven year prison sentence for possession of drugs.

Rick was soon released in 2019 and began targeting Gary Windass for his debt to him. At one point he sends his henchwoman Sharon Geary to hassle Gary on several occasions. Eventually, Rick plans to kill Gary in the woods and ambushes him; however, Gary ends up killing Rick by beating him to death with the shovel after their confrontation. Thereafter Rick's fate was questioned by his daughter Kelly Neelan and her mother Laura Neelan, although Gary was able to deny his involvement in Rick's death.



  • Greg Wood (the actor who played Rick Neelan) was nominated at the 2019 British Soap Awards ceremony for the award of "Villain of the Year".