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I'm back. (laughing) Kidding. In fact, if you are seeing this message it means I'm dead or something. And my plan to destroy all computers and send the world back to the dark ages didn't work and it was probably something Captain Man did. So take a look at those blueprints in that tube. They're for an Omega Weapon. Something that can take away Captain Man's indestructibility just long enough for the right villain to move in and destroy him. So take them to Swellview and find the right villain.
~ Rick Twitler telling the Messenger he created a weapon that can drain Captain Man's powers and for the right villain to destroy him.
I'm not your average bad guy, Ray Manchester.
~ Rick Twitler revealing to Captain Man he knows his identity; his most famous quote.
Game on.
~ Rick Twitler's catchphrase.

Rick Twitler is the overall secondary antagonist of the Dangerverse franchise, as well as the overarching antagonist of Henry Danger, specifically in the last several episodes in Season 4 and the beginning of Season 5. He later becomes the main antagonist of the 3-part saga, A New Evil. He is the creator and CEO of TwitFlash, who eventually came to regret creating his channel, he plans to wipe out every computer technology around the globe. Rick was also serious threat to the heroes, as he hacks the Man-Cave and knew both Captain Man and Kid Danger's identities.

In the after-credits of Escape Room, it is later revealed he designed an Omega Weapon for the right villain to drain Captain Man's Powers and destroy him. Because of his intellect and his back up plans, Rick Twitler became one of the heroes' greatest enemy, the first being Drex.

He also makes a comeback in Danger Force.

He is portrayed by David Blue.


Not much on Rick Twitler life but it known he created TwitFlash. However, Rick eventually came to regret creating his channel because many people had been on their screens the whole time. Rick presumably hired goons like Barge and other villains to help him with his plan. He also sent the nuclear bomb to the Man Cave and created a fake video of Vice Mayor Willard.

Henry Danger

Part 1: A New Evil

He is first mentioned on the Swellview news when he was reported a victim of being kidnapped by an unknown villain.

Charlotte, Jasper, Ray, and Schwoz pause the news segment and Charlotte also isolated the buzzing sound; with Jasper, Ray, and Schwoz not paying attention, they were admiring Ray's dog, Kaitlyn. Charlotte tells them again and Ray said that the Man Cave had gotten hacked 30 days ago, wanting to know who had hacked into The Man Cave's mainframe; Ray thinks that it was a beekeeper and Ray sets out to take him down and rescue Rick Twitler, not knowing the Beekeeper was actually a decoy, and Twitler was the real mastermind.

Ray enters the factory and finds the Beekeeper holding Rick hostage, and Beekeeper tried to attack Ray with the bees and using bee-related puns as he goes, but the bees had no effect on him because he was indestructible.

Ray lasers the Beekeeper and frees Rick, right as Charlotte and Schwoz realize that Rick Twitler himself is responsible for all this. They tried to call Ray and warn him about Rick's plan for the heroes, by he did not pick up. By the time Ray found out the truth, it was too late, and Rick trapped Ray in a plasma gas trap. He then reveals that he knows everything about Captain Man being Ray Manchester. Schwoz tells Charlotte that Rick wants to steal Ray and Henry's powers. He explains that everything that's happened since Danger Things has been a part of Rick's plan.

It is revealed that when Henry and Ray were sprayed with Flabber Gas, it never actually left their bodies even after the effects of it were gone, then on Halloween night when the two re-entered our universe, they were covered in interdimensional bio residue which takes years to wash off your skin. Then when Whistlin' Susie was delivered to the Man Cave it dosed Ray ad Henry with gamma rays and finally on Henry's birthday the tenth layer of his Diez Leches Cake was what brought it all together creating AMORE.

Rick is smashed by Henry, just in time. Henry is told Rick's plan and is imprisoned in a plasma gas trap because he planned to trap both of them. Rick then takes his power. He finishes his computer virus and leaves with, "see you in the dark ages". Ray tests to see if Henry's powers were gone, by throwing an object at him, and sure enough, they were indeed removed.

Part 2: A New Darkness

He did not play a major role in the episode, like in the last part, but he briefly appeared on the screens in the man cave, telling Ray and Henry that he sent goons to Henry's house. After Henry and Ray, distracted the Hart family, long enough to take down the goons but after losing his superpower he couldn't defeat one of Twitlers goons until his sister throw a suitcase over his head. They briefly went back to the Man Cave and Henry managed to get his power back. Minutes later, he appears on the screens again, telling Ray and Henry to enjoy their internet while they can, and they'll soon have to read a book if they want information. A couple of minutes later, he put the reflex virus on the power circuits to the city, and most of the power in Swellview got put out.

Part 3: A New Hero

Just as Rick Twitler was about to wipe out the rest of the internet, Captain Man came in on the scene and started to beat up Rick, but he landed in the living computer virus, which took over his body and turned him into a green virus creature named Virus that could turn other people like him into making them touch the virus in his body. So he turns the goon that was on the ground into a virus as well, and throws the virus to Captain Man and Kid Danger, Kid Danger manages to elude him but the virus falls on Captain Man, who is not affected as his power protected him. But the virus falls on Kid Danger in his hands, so he took off the gloves he wore. Then he goes to the ceiling to stop Rick's plan with the antivirus, while Capitan Man fights against the other infected with the virus. When Kid Danger tries to use the antivirus Rick causes it to fall to the ground and breaks, Kid Danger does not know what to do and Rick begins to execute his plan to destroy the internet by grabbing onto the circuits and nearly shutting down the entire internet, but Kid Danger decided to make a sacrifice and grabbed the antivirus with his hands to take him to Rick to stop him, in this way he loses his powers again.

Then the virus leaves the body of Rick and he returns to normality, but Rick was unconscious from the virus taking over his body, and could not remember what just happened to him. The heroes take him into the Man Cave where here still cannot remember even his own personal details. It is currently unknown whatever happened to Rick after that.

Escape Room

In Escape Room it revealed that he made a video in case his plan failed. He sent the Omega Weapon to The Messenger to give to the right villain to drain Captain Man's powers and destroy him. However, during the meeting in No-Man land, Captain Man and Kid Danger captured The Messenger and several other villains. While inspecting the blueprints Schwoz only found they were blueprints for a toaster, however when Schwoz pushed the stain on the it a hologram containing the blueprints showed the heroes the infamous weapon.

Danger Force

An Imposter Among Us

It is revealed that before losing his memory in Henry Danger, Rick Twittler uploaded a copy of his mind into a computer and turned it into a virtual reality game, which infects Mika and it downloaded his mind into hers. Rick possessed into Mika's body from the VR goggles. Drex, Mini Ray, and Chest Monster discovered that Rick Twitler was inside Mika controlling her and Drex argued with Rick about who was Captain Man's arch-enemy. Rick eventually settles to being Captain Man's second greatest enemy since Mini Ray and Chest monster agree with Drex. Rick used Mika's body to steal all the Man's Nest Trash Rockets to launch Ray into space. However Ray quickly found out that Mika was possessed by one of his enemies. After a few guesses (starting with Minyak, The Toddler, Lil Dynomite, Jeff, Krampus, and The Slow March of time) Rick reveals himself. In attempted to battle the Danger Force, Rick attempted to use Mika's sonic scream but he didn't know how to use it. Chapa was able to use her electricity to knock Mika out and they then exercise to expel Rick Twitler out.

A Danger Among Us

Rick put his body into a monkey to free Drex from the Man Nest prison room and turning himself into a cyborg after transferring into his body with the VR goggles. Using Drex as a distraction, Rick was able to get his mind into his body which is now a cyborg. Once it was complete, he then sends Captain Man, Danger Force and Drex into space. Cyborg Rick Twitler, suddenly greets them from a video call and tells them to enjoy their trip into space while he stays to contact some old friends, Schwoz appears and suddenly the whole nest shakes. The nest begins to take off and reaches space, leaving the Danger Force stranded in space. On a satellite of the KLVY channel dotted with something purple and then the virus images appear saying: "I Am Virus."

A Cyborg Among Us

Rick held Trent and Mary hostage and is about to spread the virus over the entire globe, but was stop by AWOL and Brainstorm. When Brainstorm’s dates came, he attempted to kill them but Brainstorm manage to protect them. AWOL then teleported into the air where he dropped Twitler and briefly took him out. However, Chapa, who was slightly immune to Rick’s new virus, arrived and accidentally effected everyone. Chapa was able to get angry enough to cure everyone from the new virus. However, Rick took ShoutOut, Volt, and Drex, causing Ray to call for backup.

A Henry Among Us

Rick takes ShoutOut and Volt to a tower where he is about to be connected in order to control everything technology (computers, vehicles, phones, etc.) around the world. He is then being confronted by Drex who is about to throw him off the building, but stopped him and tells him to spare him if he helps him takes revenge on Henry, who came to Swellview to help Captain Man and Danger Force. Twitler convinced Volt and ShoutOut to betrayed Captain Man, Danger Force and Henry and brainwashed them. After Twitler's defeat, the team chopped his head off and kept it in a box.

Powers and Abilities

  • Cybernetic Enhancement: TBA
  • High Intelligence: Rick Twitler has a cunning mind and developed a complicated plan to destroy the internet, as shown he had his secret team of bad guys develops all the ingredients for AMORE which he used to take Ray/Captain Man and Henry/Kid Danger's superpowers, but he only took Henry's. He also has incredible hacking skills, as he hacks the Man Cave's computer, which was unhackable, and knows the heroes' identities. He also created his own living organic computer virus and designed an Omega Weapon that can take away Captain Man's superpower just long enough for the right villain to destroy him. Since he no longer has his memory he possibly doesn't have this ability anymore. His intelligence surpasses, Dr. Minyak who is Captain Man's greatest foe due to his intellect.
  • Skilled Thievery: It was revealed that he was the one that stole the World's Most Poisonous Cactus from Cactus Con. It is unknown how he got in the convention and stole it when Ray, Henry, and Charlotte were stopping people, in addition to hacking the Man Cave all at once. Since he thinks people were on their phones all the time it possible he easily snuck in when they weren't looking.
  • Computer Virus (formerly) Rick Twitler created his own living organic computer virus he made that can spread and infect any computer in the world. His body touches it after Captain Man punches him thus becoming a living angry computer virus that spreads and destroys humanity. It had Henry's Super-Fast Reflexes as well its own power to sneeze on people to turn them into computer viruses. His computer virus was destroyed and both Rick Twitler and his goon turned back to normal when Kid Danger gave him the Anti Virus. Rick Twitler no longer has any memory of who he is or who Ray and Henry were, as the virus scrambled his brain cells.
    • Conversion Sneeze: when his computer virus got on him, he can turn others into an living angry computer virus by sneezing on them, which is how natural viruses spread. He did this on one of his goons who Captain Man knocked out. However he is unable to turn Captain Man or Kid Danger into computer viruses due to one of them being indestructible and the other having Hyper-Motility. After Henry gave him the Anti-Virus both Rick and his goon turned back to normal and lost this power.
    • Super-Fast Reflexes: When his virus took his body, it had Henry's Hyper Motility. It dodges all of Captain Man's surprise punches and defeated him in battle. It was also able to hold it own against Kid Danger who enhanced speed matches his. After Henry gave him the Anti-Virus he lost this power.


  • His own henchmen
  • The Beekeeper
  • Drex Stinklebaum (formerly)


  • Ray Manchester/Captain Man
  • Henry Hart/Kid Danger
  • Schwoz Scwartz
  • Charlotte Page
  • Jasper Dunlop
  • Chapa De Silva/Volt
  • Miles Macklin/AWOL
  • Mika Macklin/ShoutOut
  • Bose O'Brian/Brainstrom
  • Drex Stinklebaum


  • Despite appearing in only four episodes of Henry Danger, Rick Twitler is considered to be the most sinister and toughest villain (surpassed only by Drex), as he is responsible for the events of four episodes (Danger Things, Flabber Gas, Whistlin' Susie, and Henry's Birthday) where his logo is seen, stolen the rarest cactus from Cactus Con to use it to successfully drain Captain Man's indestructibility and Kid Danger's powers in order to create a virus to destroy the internet, sent his goons to take out Henry's family to keep him and Ray from thwarted his plans. His plan also resulted in Kid Danger loosing his powers. In addition he also had a backup plan incase the heroes foiled his plan.


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